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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Sanrenmu Knives - News, Deals and New Models!

Sanrenmu knives are well known to most knife folks.
This is an in-house brand of one of the largest knife producers out of China, which also make knives as an OEM factory for Spyderco, Kershaw, Boker+, Ruike, Real Steel and others.

Rumors are that Sanrenmu will soon discontinue a large part of their models, as they will rebrand the company into SRM Knives - higher end brand that will produce on a higher level, but also increase the prices + make new titanium models.
So many of the beloved Sanrenmu are already out of stock and many more will follow in the near future.
I've concentrated a few models which I think are worth to check out because of the great quality+value (I own most of these) and because I think these are worth to try out (especially if will be discontinued soon).

1) Sanrenmu 7130 - Budget Izula killer, great small all-around knife that will perform both outdoors and as a small EDC blade, is on Flash Sale now for a great price.
Got mine from here: Sanrenmu 7130

Sanrenmu 7130

2) Sanrenmu 910 Plus - Declared by many as the best Sanrenmu knife ever and one of the budget knife Hall-of Famers (which I agree), the Sanrenmu 910 has great quality, action and usability and is on Flash Sale now (only the green version, the black sold out).
Got mine from here: Sanrenmu 910
Chris Reeve Sebenza is available here: Chris Reeve Sebenza
Full review could be found here:

3) Sanrenmu S611 - Another awesome fixed blade knife (I own it as well, will review soon), also is a great budget option, especially for folks with small-medium sized hands.
Got mine from here: Sanrenmu S611

4) Sanrenmu Land 9046 - Great budget utility/rescue knife, one of the best options in this category, has good quality and additional features (glass breaker, locking strop cutter, wrench, safety lock).
I own it and also will review it soon.
Got mine from here: Sanrenmu LAND 9046

5) Sanrenmu S625 - New offering from Sanrenmu, small EDC fixed blade, has interesting original design plus comes with a few good looking color options.
Is available here: Sanrenmu S625

Hope this info will be helpful for you,
Thanks for checking it out.

Monday, April 23, 2018

How Do OTF Knives Switchblades Work?

Sup guys, Atech here and welcome into another post in which I will show you how do OTF automatic knives or switchblades function.

I decided to make this post because many people, especially non knife folks are really surprised by the action of the otf knives when I showed it to them, so they are like – “oh man, that’s so cool, how does it work, what is this magic” and so on.
There are videos online that show these knives in the disassembled state but when disassembled it is really hard to grasp how they actually work.

So for this purpose I got this clear top OTF knife that allows me to show you the action without taking it apart.

There are few types of these mechanisms but most work by the same principle and today I will show you the most common one that is also used in the Microtech Ultratech knives.

Let’s start:
OTF knives are usually built from a few components:
1. The bottom scale – that holds the mechanics - and is generally built out of a light metal, such as aluminum, like in this case.
2. The top scale – which is flat and just presses the mechanics from the top, so could be produced from different materials, such as aluminum, carbon fiber or even clear plastic like in this case.
3. The actuation switch, which rides along the side.
4. The main plate that is moved by the actuation switch and coordinates the function.
5. The spring with hooks that is used for the tension.
6. The latches with springs that hold the blade in the open and closed position
7. And of course the main blade that is fired out of the front of the knife.

So how does it all work:
In the closed position, when we move the switch it in its turn moves the main plate and loads the spring that is connected to the blade by a hook. The blade at this point is held by the bottom latch, so it doesn’t move and tension becomes higher.
The main plate has this curve that moves the bottom latch and just as we get near the end of the path of the switch, it moves the latch all the way to the side, which releases the blade that flies out by inertial force and is locked by the upper latch.

When we close the knife it works just the same but another way around – we pull the switch, it slides the plate down and builds up tension on the spring, the curve in the plate moves the top latch and opens it, and the hook that is connected to the spring pushes the blade down by this nob and is secured down by the bottom latch.

As you can see it is pretty complicated mechanically and all the components have to work in cooperation in order for it to work properly and reliably.
BTW – I really like this cleartop version because I can see if there is any dirt inside and clean it out before it does damage to other components.

Now I would like to show you what happens if we fire a double action automatic knife into a hard object. I will use this pad.

As you can see – because the blade didn’t reach the latch it stopped and now moves freely in the handle, the plate as well.
But it isn’t broken, all you need to do to make it work again – just pull the blade all the way out, it catches the latch and fires just as it should once again.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it interesting – if you did please give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t already.

Link to the ClearTop OTF: The Mini Version: Original Microtech Ultratech:

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Knife Terminology: The difference between Fake, Clone, Replicas and Homage Knives

Hey guys, Atech here and welcome into a post in which we will take a look into the differences between all of the terms that are used to describe knives that resemble other knives and break them into categories.

I want to make it clear from the start that the terminology I’ll be suggesting is based on the one used in the watch community and is just my suggestion to simplify the discussions about and around this subject. If you disagree about something said in this video – you are more than welcome to discuss it in the comment section below.
I also don’t want to get into the whole topic of: “Are clones good or bad?” there will be a separate post on this matter.
Let’s start:
The first category would be this: the fakes/counterfeits/knock-offs.
So these are knives that look exactly like the genuine knives, including the LOGO, which is an important issue. Putting someone else’s trademarked logo and brand name on a product that looks just like the original product is of course 100% illegal.
These knives are made in purpose to deceive uninformed buyers into thinking they are buying a genuine product or in other words scam them.
The quality in many cases (mostly on the cheaper knives) would be sub-par (that includes lock problems, soft screws, bad coating and other fit and finishing details), plus the steel wouldn’t be the same as advertised on the blade (because they copy everything, including the steel name), but a much softer, low grade steel.
But there are also much higher quality counterfeits out there, which include Zero Tolerance, Microtech and Shirogorov fakes and these are much more difficult to distinguish from the genuine knives, because they copy the materials as well as the original markings and are in general very similar to the originals they are copying.
If you have doubt about one of these knives – I’d suggest you take advice from a knife group or forum, but only from people who really know what they are talking about.
I’ll gladly help you out (like I have been doing , just contact me via one of the platforms listed in the description.
BTW – as I’ve mentioned in another video – there will be no feature of fake knives on this channel other than educational - to show the differences from a genuine knife or comparison between them.
Other knives that also are in this category are the ones that don’t copy the design, but do copy the logo of the makers, such as these:
I don’t know exactly the reason for why are they doing this, for me it is the stupidest thing ever but I suspect is because the people who produce these have no clue about knives and think it will help to sell the knife.

Now let’s continue to the next category which is the clone knives or unbranded replicas.
So these are knives that look exactly like other ones and use their design features, but don’t have the maker’s logo on them.
In fact – they don’t have any logos on them, thus these couldn’t be used to scam and deceive other people into thinking these are the originals.
They are usually made by OEM brands such as Kevin John, Green Thorn, Bear Claw and Wild Boar, some of which also produce knives and parts for other knife companies, even Western ones.
The clones usually emulate higher end and expensive knives, are made from high end materials such as genuine titanium, carbon fiber, ceramic bearings and have very good level of quality, fit and finish. Plus they will use decent steels and list the correct steel type on the knife.
Sometimes they even try to change or improve the design, such as the milling on the inside of this Green Thorn F95T.

Replica is a wider term and includes both fakes and clones, so branded replicas would be the fakes and unbranded replicas would be the clones.

Our next category would be the Homages:
These are knives that take some design features from other brands but put their own logo on them, so producing and branding them as their own product.
These include knives from Ganzo, Sanrenmu, Brother and others, which are made in the same OEM factories that produce knives for other companies, like Ganzo who allegedly are made in the same factory as Gerber and Sanrenmu, which are allegedly made in the same one as Spyderco, Kershaw, Boker+ Chinese series, Ruike, Real Steel and others.
These also of course couldn’t be used for scamming and the quality differs from one brand to another, but usually are good quality budget tools.

And last category is of course the genuine or original knives.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post, and it will be useful in future discussions.


Thursday, April 12, 2018


Sup guys, Atech here and welcome into an overview of the world’s smallest flipper knife – the HX Outdoors/Rike Knife EDC model.

Let’s jump into specs:
Closed size: ~ 2”/5 cm
Blade length: 1.8”/4.7 cm
Overall length: 3.5”/9 cm
Weight: let’s measure: 0.6 ounces/17 grams – that is insane!
We have titanium frame-lock with a steel insert (nicely done there), a titanium pocket clip and S35VN blade with a modified Tanto grind.
Let’s take a look at the packaging it comes in:
I was actually surprised by how good it is – we have a waterproof plastic case with a rubber outline, the knife comes with a steel chain to wear on the neck and a split ring to attach to the chain or your keys.
So yeah, great packaging especially considering the price.
It’s brother is the HX Armorhide.
As many already know – these knives are produced for HX Outdoors brand by RIKE knives, the high end Chinese manufacturer. If some of you still doesn’t believe me – I’ll post a link to the proof under the video.
This means we can trust the listed materials – the titanium and S35VN steel, because we know Rike use the same exact materials.
Now let’s see the quality:
  • The action: It’s actually pretty good, fires hard and fast.
    Needs a bit of adjusting to, but when you get the point it becomes quite easy.
    So – how do you achieve such a great action with such small and light blade?
    2 things – #1- a hard detent - just like many other Rike Knives
    #2 – tiny ball bearings that are caged in a bronze shell.
    The flipper tab is pretty small, but doesn’t serve as a pocket pecker.
    The cutout in the blade couldn’t be used to open with a thumb, but it is used to discreetly open the knife using both hands – great solution in my opinion.
    Next – centering is pretty much perfect.
Lockup – no blade play at all, not even a slightest wiggle.
Fit and finish – the titanium and the clip are anodized grey, all the machining is done with good amount of precision, the blade has 2 tone finish – very subtle stonewashing (almost looks like bead blasting) on the flats and satin finish on the grinds.
Ergonomics – Is comfortable as much as a 2” handle can be. You get a decent 2 finger grip and a nice place for your thumb in this area right here. If you attach it to a lanyard or your keys – the ergos will become even better.
Now let’s test the sharpness – reasonably sharp.
Now to the POU:
For me it is a small people friendly backup EDC blade that won’t take a lot of pocket real estate.
Plus it is a great conversation starter – especially with non-knife folks as people don’t see it as a weapon but a cute gadget.
But you can always attach it to your keys as a high end keychain knife or put it on the necklace and have it with you at all times.
Despite the size it is pretty capable. Maybe you couldn’t cut a salad with it, but other than that it can do lots of things, especially in an office environment, such as sharpen a pencil, cut a piece of paper, open a package, cut paracord and much more.
So, in conclusion, if you like small knives, or in search for a high end keychain/neck knife – I could definitely recommend it.
The link to the knife and the code for 20% off will be in the description under the video.
BTW – this was a limited run, so if you want one – get it before they sell out and don’t blame me later for not telling you.
Thanks for watching guys, if you liked the knife and the video – please give it a thumbs up and comment – which is currently the smallest knife in your collection.
Knife could be found here:
Knife is available here: HX Outdoors EDC-005A
20% off with code: out20off (all outdoor gear).
Competitive option:
Rike Hummingbird

I’ll see you on the next one, cheers!

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Leatherman Squirt vs Gerber Dime Comparison

Sup guys, Atech here and welcome into another episode of “Battle of the budget tools” – the series where we compare 2 similar but different budget multi tools and knives.

And today we have 2 great contenders: 
1. In the blue corner, weighting 2 oz – the Leatherman Squirt PS4!
2. In the black corner, weighting 2.35 oz – the Gerber Dime!

Now I know there have been lots of comparisons between these 2 tools but believe me there is a reason why I’m doing this comparison and I will state it in the end.
Lets get right to the specs:

The Squirt comes right about 2.25 inches in the closed state, the Dime is slightly longer.

The thickness – as you can see the Dime is just a bit thicker.

The advantages of the Leatherman Squirt:
Better main blade, file, scissors, wide screwdriver, keyring.
1. Smaller, lighter, easier to carry
2. Better overall design, looks and quality.
3. Leatherman have better reputation and warranty.

The advantages of the Gerber Dime:
1. Bottle opener/cap lifter, extra blade, extra tweezers.
2. Comes with a coating (blacked out tool).
3. Tension could be adjusted (on newer version of the Leatherman as well).
4. Price, which brings me to the reason for making this video.
3 years ago, when everyone have compared these, the difference in price was between 5-10 dollars, so the Leatherman was obviously the better choice. Well now the Squirt costs 2.5 times more than the Dime tool, so it’s a totally different prospective now.

That brings us to summary:
Well, I think you wouldn’t be wrong with either.
Both tools are well made and will accomplish most of the tasks needed from a small EDC multitool (open a bottle, open a package, cut something, wheither if it’s with the scissors or with a knife, unscrew a screw, pry, scrape or hold something tight), so the differences between them really come down to semantics and nitpicks.
I’d say the Leatherman is the better tool overall, so if you are a perfectionist – this tool is definitely for you.
But, with todays prices – I think the Dime has better overall value and definitely has a place on the market as a budget alternative to the Leatherman.

Thanks for watching guys, if you liked the video please give it a thumbs up, links are in the description and please write in the comments which one would you prefer – the Leatherman Squirt or the Gerber Dime?

Leatherman could be found here: Leatherman Squirt Gerber Dime here: Gerber Dime
Again, thanks for watching and I’ll see you on the next one.


Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Knives To Get in the Aliexpress Anniversary Sale - Original designs!

It is time to present my picks for the original designed knives that could be bought on AliExpress during their Anniversary Sale.

So, first of all - check out the Kizer AliExpress Store.

Many folks thought it is going to be a Kizer clone store, only to find out it the knives were 100% genuine and have great quality.
Some prices are similar to US discount prices, but great deals also could be found there, especially on the budget models.
Big plus is the free worldwide shipping, that could be specially attractive for non-US folks.
I already bought a few from them and can state these are genuine Kizer knives (verified).

Other great offerings come from the TwoSun brand.

I especially like their newer futuristic (original) designs by Night Morning Design and these have become very popular lately.
TwoSun Knives are also available on Amazon.
And eBay.

Also - Check out Genuine Maxace Knives here: Maxace Knives

I'd also like to point out the X-750 knife X-650, great new offerings from the Yon Xanadu brand.
Finally they are starting to listen and using those great CNC machines to produce original designs instead of the clones.

Happy shopping!

Friday, March 23, 2018

Knife Review: Bestech Knives Scimitar EDC Blade

Hey guys, Atech here and welcome to my first non-silent knife review of a very interesting, relatively new knife on the market and that is the Bestech Knives Scimitar.

First of all – few words about the Bestech Knives brand:

As far as I know – it is run by a Chinese couple (man and his wife).
The man is the head designer and his wife Solina does sales, marketing and customer service.
They state that the company was an OEM knife manufacturer – meaning they have produced knives for other companies. Really reminds me the story of WE Knives.

Anyway, let’s jump to First impressions:

This is how these knives come – plain branded cardboard box, nylon sleeve, nothing fancy there.
When it came it was centered, no lockup issues whatsoever and it came pretty sharp.

The action wasn’t buttery smooth, but it broke in nicely and improved significantly.

§  Blade Length: 3.75"
§  Cutting Edge: 3.75"
§  Handle Length: 4.63"
§  Overall Length: 8.50"
§  Weight: 4.2 oz

The Pros:

1. I do like the overall looks - that Persian style with a curved handle and the upswept blade. This is a genuinely good-looking knife and is pleasing to the eyes.
It is also pretty unique and special in terms of design, especially in the blade section – the overall blade shape, the fuller (easy to clean), the two tone finish on the flat portion and inside the fuller – not your regular plain and boring shapes and grinds.
I also like when the name of the model matches the style (when you hear the name and you already know what style to expect).
Scimitar is basically a short sword with a curved blade – so here you go.

2. The action – like I already mentioned – it was not buttery smooth out of the box, but broke in really nicely. Plus I really like the shape of the flipper tab – easy to use, has good purchase with the gimping on top, not pokey in the pocket, but makes the blade fire hard every single time with light switch technique.

3. The overall quality – the centering, the lockup, the fit and the finish – all are done on a very high level.

4. D2 blade steel – great choice for the price.

Best quality which means the number one reason to get this knife: The design features:
 – deep carry pocket clip – good springiness, could be a bit shorter.
- ceramic bearings
 - 3D milled G10 scales with inlaid liners, which are also skeletonized to reduce the weight.

Neutral (meaning qualities that are OK, not good and not necessarily bad):
- The ergonomics: are pretty good in my middle sized hand, but there are 2 hot spots: near the liner (there is a cutout to easily disengage the lock) and the pocket clip. Interesting part that the knife sits great and is easily operated in my left hand. So the ergos are OK, but could be a bit better.
- The proprietary spinning pivot.
- The lanyard hole – it’s fine, nothing special though.
I did try to put the lanyard around the standoffs – but the blade does touch it, so I gues it is necessary.

Nitpicks (insignificant cons):
- Writing on the blade, which is also often called billboarding, I personally don’t really mind that unless it is really excessive, but I know there are others who do.
- The detent path is exposed and I prefer when it is not.

- Not a lot of meat in the tang due to the stop pin placement.
This could be a problem if you intend to really use it hard like baton with it.
So this is a strictly EDC knife for the everyday tasks.
- Some rough finishing on the spine of the blade and slightly uneven grind.
- Some say that this knife is a clone of the Olamic Cutlery Swish model.
I personally don’t agree with that claim.
Although I can’t deny the handle does look a lot like the handle on the Swish – the blade shape, the pocket clip the lock and pretty much everything else is different.
Judging by other Bestech models - it could be unintentionally inspired by the model, but definitely not a clone.
BTW – when I was researching it I did find out that the designer of the Olamic Swish is Alexander Birykov, he actually works for a Russian clone company called Viking Nordway and the Swish model was heavily inspired by the Shirogorov Poluchetkiy by Dmitry Sinkevich – Olamic didn’t even wanted to do it at first it felt so similar.
So yeah – funny which things you could find while researching these things.

I really like this knife. And not just me – everyone I know and who bought one – really like it too.
Whether if it’s the build quality, the smoothness, the style or any other characteristic – I think it is a genuinely likeable knife.

Is it a perfect knife (objectively) – no. But it is definitely a good usable EDC knife that will please your eyes and your hands and I definitely recommend you to get one and judge for yourself.

Thanks for watching guys, if you found the review interesting and informative please give it a thumbs up and if you have any questions or feedback – please write these in the comment section below the video and also please state – what is your most liked knife in the collection?

Again – thanks for watching guys and I’ll see you on the next one.
Knife is available here: Bestech Knives Scimitar Or here: Bestech Knives Scimitar


Monday, March 19, 2018

Brother 1501G Knife Review - Big Disappointment!

Well, after one of my all-time favorite knives from China - here comes one of the most disappointing ones - the Brother 1501G.

I was really impressed with its smaller brother (the Brother 1502), so I decided to try it out as well.

First impressions:

First impressions were actually OK - the knife came in the standard Brother branded cardboard box, blade was centered, reasonably sharp, good lockup, fit and finish.

The only problem (like with many other Brother knives) - it was very dirty inside which made the action mediocre at best.

I was expecting that, so I cleaned it up and that improved the action a lot.

So, I could tell you the Pros and the Cons of this knife, but I feel it would be redundant, as the knife has 2 flaws that make it unusable for me:

1. The knife has pinned construction and the pins started coming apart at some point causing horizontal blade play and making it unsafe to use.

2. While closing the blade hits the steel backspacer, dulling a pretty large portion of the blade.

Well, I could try to fix these issues, but I think it just wouldn't be worth it, so I'll probably just turn it into a fixed blade and call it a day.

I do know there are other folks who got theirs and haven't experienced these issues, but this is the case with my knife and it is important to share it IMO.

Summary: Not recommended due to the issues listed above.

Link to the knife: Brother 1501G

Thursday, March 15, 2018

First Voice Video + New Knives + Channel update!

So this is going to be my first voice video and probably my first video over 5 minutes in length.

First of all I’d like to thank everyone who supported me and helped me reach 1000 subs in order to beat YouTube’s new partner program criteria, I really appreciate it you guys.

Second of all – I’d like to apologize for my bad English –  as many of you already know - it is not my first language and I honestly didn’t think it is going to be this hard for me to make these videos.

So, without further ado - The purpose of this video is going to be – tell you a bit about myself, give you an update on the direction the channel is heading, show you some of the newer and the older stuff that I got and to ask about your opinions and recommendations.

BTW – I will do a GAW soon to help me celebrate 1K subs and I would like to ask you a few questions about that. I already got a few options for the prize, but these are still unreviewed, so it will take a while till I’ll make a GAW video.

1. Few words about myself – First of all – Atech isn’t my real name obviously it is an abbreviation from A which is the first letter of my name and the word technology so it was supposed to be A-Tech – Reviews.

I study at a university so obviously don’t have lot’s of free time, live with my girlfriend and my dog Charlie.

If you follow my Instagram you’ve probably seen him – he also likes knives and gear very much and I will probably feature him on some of my videos as well.

Well I think this is enough information for now, I will probably tell you a bit more on the go.

OK, so let’s talk a bit about the direction of the channel:

I have tried for a really long time to make these voice videos, but it just didn’t seem natural to me, especially the “talking to the camera” part.

Well, gotta say – writing a script really helps that and makes it a lot easier, so if you are planning to make those in the future – consider at least writing the points that you want to talk  about and that will make your speech much more fluent.

Now – how do I see the channel.

Atech Reviews will be primarily a gear review channel, mostly knives and EDC related gear, but not only.

My intent is to make a series of videos about the knife hobby that aren’t really reviews but more on the philosophical side

I already have a few topics lined up, such as:

1. Knife Economics series – we’ll talk about the powers that shift the knife world, such as the marketing, pricing, value of knives over time, secondary market and more – really basic stuff, non academic, it is just going to be more of a conversation where I will state my own opinion backed up by some info and graphs and we will discuss it in the comments.

2. I will do a much postponed knife collection update with short explanations about every knife and not a silent one this time.

I really do have a lot of new knives, so I’d like to make a video before I let some of them go.

3. Of course we’ll talk about the fakes, clones as in more expensive clones, less expensive clones, homages, replicas and in between.
I just want to state that I’ve stepped back from the fakes as in I no longer order knives that have logos and names of other companies written on the knife and that could be mistaken for the  genuine knife and could be used to scam other less experienced users to thinking they are buying the real deal.

I’ll tell you about why in the video.
4. I’d also like to talk with you about such knife related issues as Knife Maintenance and sharpening and the tools we use to do these things as in sharpeners, bits, compounds, etc.

5. Knife steels – there definitely be a video about knife steels and their importance, I’ll probably talk about that when I’ll do the review of this bad boy – remind you that it is an undisputed champion of rope cutting.

6. Budget knives – oh, there is definitely be a video about that, especially about budget knives from the big brands and why I’m not really gaga over them.

7. There will be reviews of platforms that sell knives, such as eBay, GearBest ,AliExpress, DHGate and more – including tips and tricks that I’ve learned while shopping at these.
8. I maybe will do some Knife News bits that will focus on the Chinese and budget news – basically stuff you don’t see in the traditional news

9. I will try to regularly show EDC updates and Pocket Dumps, maybe some other dumps, I don’t know, just kidding, to show you what I carry and how I carry it.

10. Maybe some bits about knife reviews and other reviewers.

11. Oh yeah – Last but not least - definitely do a story about my first knife, how and why did I start with knives and review of the knife hobby in general.

Other than that – I hope I will get the chance to review some other gear as well such as :
- Other types of knives and bladed stuff

- flashlights
- watches (Do not get into watches ehh)
- vaping and how it helped me quit smoking
- My cellphone and other gadgets I use.
- maybe some pens and more

So, I hope you like this new format. If you do – please like this video, if no and you want to see the older silent version – please dislike this video and please write in the comment section under the video – What other topics would you like to see on the channel or what topic are you most interested in from the ones I’ve mentioned?
Plus – I’d like to hear your feedback on this video – video quality, lighting, my voice, my hands – everything that comes to mind – also please write down below and I’ll really appreciate it.

If you are still not subscribed – please do that by hitting the subscribe button and the small bell next to it to get updates on the videos, I remind you that there will be a GAW coming soon.

I will also leave links to my website, Instagram, Facebook and other social platforms in the video description.

Thanks so much for watching guys and I will see you soon on the next videos!