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Friday, December 15, 2017

Ganzo F7551 GanzoCleaver have finally reached GearBest!

Sorry for the long absence guys, have been a bit busy lately, so posted mostly on the social media.

Follow me on the social platforms (links are in the first post of the blog) to catch the latest releases and news.

Today just a quick update on the newest Ganzo model that have been around for a while in the US, but has just reached one of the largest knife retailers out of China - Gearbest, which always seem to have the best prices for most knives that come out of China.

So, the new Cleaver model has original design (as much as a cleaver knife could be different from other cleavers), but still has a G-Lock, so is probably the first Cleaver to come with that lock or a similar one.

It also has a generous finger choil for choking up on the blade, blued thumb studs and hardware.

It comes in few colors, but the one that has been published first is the CF laminate handled one.

Check it out here: Ganzo F7551 GanzoCleaver
Coupon to get 15% off all knives from the site: GBKnives15off

Also, check out Ganzo Knives on Amazon for faster US shipping: Ganzo Knives on Amazon


Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Bear Claw Parrot - Strongest Slip Joint Knife Ever?

Nice little slip joint knife with a hawkbill blade, ball bearings in the pivot (!), sculpted G10 handles and a very strong spring. The opening is 2 handed and so is the closing. The thing closes like a guillotine. Check it out and if you would like to read a full review on it - please write that down in the comments. Link to the Bear Claw Parrot here: Bear Claw Parrot Competitive option: Lansky World Legal Knife

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Ganzo Firebird FB7601 - Probably my favorite Ganzo ever!

Got this knife a while ago and am now ready (even long overdue) to write a review on it.

So, this time I ordered 2 versions of the same Ganzo knife in order to compare between the different versions - the black G10 variant and the CF laminate one.

Both were very similar in terms of quality, so this review will refer to both.

Gotta admit - the G10 knife was traded with a friend of mine, that liked it so much that he was willing to trade the much more expensive Kershaw Induction (with a Hawk lock) for it.

First impressions:
The Ganzo FB7601 comes with a standard Ganzo Firebird branded box with a microfiber cloth.
The quality out of the box was excellent with both - no fit and finish screwups, no bladeplay, centered blade, sharp edge (was made even sharper using a strop) and the best part - very smooth action on bearings and soft lock springs, that make it feel like a much higher class knife.

I disassemble almost every knife I get in order to clean it inside and make it smoother - but didn't feel like I need to do that with this one and in fact I haven't disassembled it till this day.

The Good:

- Fit and finish: amazing overall quality considering the price.
- Good ergonomics that will fit most hand sizes.
- Skeletonized liners for weight reduction.
- The looks are pretty great (considering this is an original Ganzo design).
- The price, considering the qualities.
- Steel is Ganzo's 440c, nothing fancy, but a decent budget steel.

The Great:

- The action: very smooth and has great opening and closing (uses ball bearings in the pivot).
Falls shut when the G-Lock is disengaged.
- The lock springs are much less stiff (out of the box) comparing to the older Ganzo Firebird models and could be operated with using one finger.
(Have to make a remark here: I ordered another FB7601CF to give away in a GAW and the springs were stiffer than on the first 2 I got (got better with time though). So this can change from batch to batch).
- A deep carry pocket clip that has great stiffness and doesn't look like the BM one.
- Finally - a Ganzo Firebird that isn't a direct copy of any model known to me.
Some could even say - ORIGINAL DESIGN.
Many of us wanted it - and now - here it is!

The Bad:

- The stop pin consists of 2 parts - the actual stop pin and a metal tube that goes over it.
I would prefer it to be one single part.
- Not a con, but more of a suggestion for improvement - Ganzo, please consider coating the thumb studs, the hardware, the pocket clip and the G-Lock tab in black, that could really take your knives to the next level. I like the blue, but would like to see something new.
- The clip couldn't be reversed for left-handed carry.

The Ugly:


- Like I stated in the headline - this is probably my favorite Ganzo Firebird knife ever (those who follow my blog know I had lots of those coming through my hands), so it means something.
I like it the most probably due to the fact they implemented many features that me and other Ganzo knife fans have been telling them for a long time now (deep carry pocket clip, bearings with a G-Lock and to come up with original designs) and it feels so nice to see that a knife company has listened to what you wish for in a knife and act accordingly.

Knife could be found here: Ganzo Firebird FB7601
Discount price with a coupon GZFB7601 $14.99 (CF version only).

Ganzo Knives on Amazon with cheaper US shipping: Ganzo Knives on Amazon

Competitive option: Benchmade Griptilian

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Mini EDC Knives 5-in-1 Compilation Review!

So I'm back from my trip to Northern Italy and am really behind on my knife reviews, so will do a few short review compilations to catch up.

For this compilation I chose all of the mini knives I have got a while ago but haven't reviewed yet.

All of those are budget knives that cost less than $30 and could fit comfortably in the small jeans pocket.

1. FricBric clone - pretty interesting story behind this one.
The original was announced a while ago on Kickstarter and as far as I know people haven't received their knives till this day.
The Chinese got the blueprints somehow and actually made it before the original knives seen light.
As to the knife itself - it can be flipped out, the bottle opener is usable (although not the best opener I ever used), the detent is created by a spring powered detent and there are ball bearings in the pivot.
I disassembled the knife and cleaned the insides to make it work smoother and better.
The pocket clip is very stiff (almost unusable) and the grind is pretty thick.
The good part is the Fric Bric clone is non-locking and will be legal for UK carry.
Overall loved the design, the unique freatures and carried it quite a bit.

Also available on GearBest: Fura FricBric Clone

2. FURA Flipper Cleaver.
Another interesting little knife.
Loved the surprising ergos, the action, lots of deployment methods, the execution and the quality out of the box.
Also the stonewashed copper finish on the handle is pretty interesting.
Disliked the fact that they used SP logo, although he doesn't even has a knife like this in his lineup, the sharp pivot (solved in under a minute with a file) and the fact that it comes without the pocket clip.
Overall cool knife, but I wish I got it with a frag pattern (without the SP logo).

3. FURA Friction Box Cutter.
Nice keychain knife.
I was unpleasantly surprised to see this knife doesn't has a lock, but is a pure friction folder that needs to be held open when used.
Other than that cool design, nice execution, is sharp out of the box and carries well on a keychain.
Would prefer it to be locking knife though.

4. Y Start LK5009 knife:
This one actually pleasantly surprised me as I was expecting worse.
I thought the knife only opens using the thumb hole (not the most comfortable method on such a small knife), but it is actually a hidden flipper.
All that is needed is to push on the blade tang and the knife flies out.
The frame lock also functions great (although doesn't have the steel insert) - no lock stick or blade play whatsoever.
The quality out of the box is also great, wasn't even needed to disassemble it.
Pocket clip is usable and it also comes with a leather sleeve in the box.
Overall pretty cool usable little knife (used it quite a bit while moving, including assembling IKEA furniture).

5. Small Higonokami Peanut Style blade:
Another cool small knife I got because I was interested by the design and the concept.
It is pretty smooth (could be flicked out like a front flipper) and has a liner lock for secure lockup.
The handles are made from stabilized wood and it utilizes triangular proprietary screws.
Comes with a plastic case for a safe carry on a keychain.
Overall I like it very much, especially for the price.

Video demo of all of those knives:

If you have any questions about these knives or want to know details I haven't mentioned - please write those down in the comment section and I will do my best to try to answer all of them.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Knives To Get in the 11/11 Aliexpress Singles Day Sale - Original designs!

After the Gearbest article it is time to present my picks for the original designed knives that could be bought on AliExpress during the 11/11 Singles Day Sale.

So, first of all - check out the Kizer AliExpress Store.

Many folks thought it is going to be a Kizer clone store, only to find out it the knives were 100% genuine and have great quality.
Some prices are similar to US discount prices, but great deals also could be found there, especially on the budget models.
Big plus is the free worldwide shipping, that could be specially attractive for non-US folks.
I already bought a few from them today.

Other great offerings come from the TwoSun brand.

I especially like their newer futuristic designs by Night Morning Design.
Stupid name, but really is a talented guy.
TwoSun Knives are also available on Amazon.
And eBay.

Also - Check out Genuine Maxace Knives here: Maxace Knives

Other than the CH Knives latest designs, I'd like to point out the X-750 knife, X-650 and the new offerings from Lovocoo store.
Finally they are starting to listen and using those great CNC machines to produce original designs instead of the clones.

Happy shopping!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Knives and Flashlights To Buy in the 11/11 Gearbest Sale + Coupons!

So, the 11/11 sale is happening tomorrow and this is the chance to present you some of the best deals and coupons for this sale from one of my favorite sites to buy knives and other gear from -

The reasons I like this site are that it is PayPal friendly, gives good consistent Customer Service and of course has the best prices in comparison to most it's competitors.
Plus, they embrace and support the gear community

GearBest managers have made a promotion page for knives: GearBest Knife SaleMost of the promotions and coupons are active now, more will become active on the date itself (11/11).

GearBest 11/11 Knife Sale
List of coupons that could save you a few bucks:

15% off all knivesGB11.11Knives
12% off all flashlights
35% all outdoor gear

Now to my picks:

1) Ganzo FB7601 - Knife so nice I got it twice - the CF version and the G10 one.
Awesome original design from Ganzo, bearings in the pivot (very smooth) and finally a great deep carry pocket clip.
Coupon code - 
GZFB7601 (CF version only)
FB7603 (coated blade version) is also available.

2) Sanrenmu 7130 - The Izula Killer - great small EDC fixed blade, made from 8Cr14MoV and that great Sanrenmu quality and QC.
My guess this knife is going the next big hit!
Coupon code - 
Check it out!

3) Ganzo FB7611 - Another new original design offering from Ganzo Firebird.
Is going to be my next purchase cause I have to check out this handle shape.

4) Zanflare F1 Flashlight - Got this one for dog walks and enjoy it a lot.
1200+ lumens, multiple modes including strobe at a push of a button, glass breaker and is rechargeable via standard micro USB port.
Great offering and I highly recommend it!
Now on flash sale.

5) Harnds Talisman - Awesome knife I reviewed on the blog now for the lowest price ever - $19.99 on a flash sale!

Also, I could recommend checking out the Xiaomi products page - great company that produces high quality items for great low prices.
I use a phone made by them, a laptop, some lamps, bought Mi Bands for gifts and I enjoy all of them.

Happy shopping!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Zanflare F1 18650 EDC Tactical Flashlight - Great practical user!

So I got this flashlight and would like to tell you my thoughts about it.

First of all I got to say I'm not really a flashlight guy - I have 2 flashlights strictly for use.
My first one is an EDC flashlight - Olight i3s I got a while ago and carried it regularly.
I was very pleased with it, but I recently moved to a new apartment and started to walk the dog in a much darker park (luckily will be renovated in 1 year).
So I've tried to use my Olight AAA flashlight during the walks and it didn't give me enough light and wasn't very comfortable for 1 handed use.
Plus - I wanted a tailclick flashlight with an accessible strobe mode (for obvious reasons) and a rechargeable one for comfort.

After checking out some options (reading and watching reviews), I chose the Zanflare F1, mostly because of the qualities I needed - it has them all and more.
Second factor was its value. All the other options with similar parameters cost a lot more.

First impressions (Video of the unboxing):

The Good:
- The overall quality: The Zanflare F1 feels really solid and well made. The anodizing, the milling of the handle and the details, the fit and the finish all are done very well without any screw-ups.
- One handed operation (tailclick power button (very positive click) and the mode button is accessible with the pinky finger).

- The added accesories - comes with a very decent pocket clip (semi deep and has good retention), adjustable lanyard, zippered case and spare O-rings. Just the kit you need.
- Comes even with a glass breaker. Haven't tested it, but seems to be usable and useful.
- Ergos are good and so is the grip (provides good non slippery purchase).

The Great:
- The fact that its rechargeable with a built in micro USB port.
No need to take the battery out, just expose the protected port, connect the USB cable and it starts to charge.
That is a great idea and execution.

- The price - best value for the qualities among its competitors IMO.

The Bad:
- Comes without a battery, so need to buy those separately.

- When shaken hard, I could hear a small rattle inside for no visible reason.
- Has pretty substantial size and weight (for and EDC light) - almost 5.5" long and 5.31 oz (150 g) of weight (with the battery).

The Ugly:
- Me, for not using all the pro flashlight terms :).

Again, this is an amateur flashlight review, focusing only on the practical side of the Zanflare F1.
For my use (walking the dog each evening in a dark park and occasional camping/blackout light) it is very suitable and more than enough.
The fact that it is rechargeable (through a built in USB port) gives it an advantage over other 18650 lights and the price makes it a great value purchase.
I am very glad I got it and could recommend it.

Check it out here: Zanflare F1 18650 Flashlight

Competitive option:
Atactical A1S

Monday, November 6, 2017

New CH Knives Models on AliExpress!

Hey gang!

Just a quick update on few new cool blades that are available on AliExpress:

CH Knives Gentleman Knives

2.2" blade made from Damascus steel, anodized ti handle (2 colors), numbered and come without the pocket clip.
Frame lock (edited out in the pics).
Cool new offering that would look great in any EDC setup.

Competitive options:
Pocket Samurai

CH Knives 3510 CF:

Cool looking linerlock blade with CF scales, 2 blade finish options (including a mirror polish), ball bearings and VG10 blade.

Competitive options:

Good week to all!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Newest original design Ganzo Firebird FB7611 have reached GearBest!

So I just recently got the Ganzo FB7601, and the newest model have already reached the online retailer GearBest and is available for purchase.

Must say I love this new direction from Ganzo - making knives with their great quality but with original designs that don't look like any other models on the market.

So, the FB7611 comes with a standard Ganzo clip, bronze and nylon washers, handle with a pistol grip and a wide blade with satin finish.

The knife comes in 4 color variations: black, OD green, camo and their signature CF laminate.

Check it out here: Ganzo Firebird FB7611

Don't forget the coupon code that gives %15 off all knives on site: