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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Ganzo Firebird FH51 has finally reached AliExpress and Amazon!

One of the most anticipated Ganzo Firebird models of recent time is finally available for shipping and for a normal "street" price as well (until now were only available from the "official" site for an inflated price).
FH51 Specs:
Overall Length: 7.28"/185mm
Blade length: 3.18"/81mm
Blade thickness: 3.5mm
Weight: 3 oz/87 g
Steel: Satin D2 Wharncliffe
Hardness: 60HRC
Handle material: G10 with Inlaid Liners
Lock: Linerlock
Clip: Tip up, right side only, deep carry
As we can see from the specs - the FH51 follows the same line as Ganzo's latest D2 releases - the FH11, 21 and 31 and is probably made by the same factory.
Which is really good news as the other models have been tested and confirmed to have real D2 steel with good hardness and excellent capabilities.
Plus I really like the design of this one - the warncliffe blade looks great and useful and the handle seems contoured and comfortable for small to large hands.
I also appreciate the fact it is smaller and lighter than it's older brothers and also has a functioning finger choil and a deep carry pocket clip which follow the latest trends in the knife world and make it more suitable for an urban EDC carry and use.
And of course I like that it is also an original design by Ganzo Firebird and that is always a plus in my book - they prove once again that they can make excellent quality knives for a budget price without copying anyone in the process.

The knife is available here: Ganzo FH51 on AliExpress
Or on Amazon with fast US shipping: Ganzo Firebird FH51 on Amazon

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Knives and Gear to get during the AliExpress Anniversary Sale!

Well, it's that time of the year again and AliExpress are having a 7th anniversary sale.
I'd like to tell about and show you some of my knife and gear picks for this year (that are on sale during this period).

First of all there is a great sale on the Vespa Ripper.
One of the first original premium OTF designs out of China and I'm really excited to get one of these.
It features aluminum body, M390 blade, carbon fiber and tritium inserts and a ti pocket clip.
I'll be picking one of these as well to try out and review.
Also available at 
DHGate's Vespa Store.

Next up we have the Covenant Balisong.
This is a premium bali (butterfly knife) made from titanium with CF inserts, bearings, S35VN steel and a ti pocket clip.
One of the best Chinese balisongs out there, at least design and quality wise.
Competitive option: Bradley Kimura (crazy sale now at BladeHQ ($109)).

As for budget blades - we've got a comeback from Enlan Blades.
These knives were really popular a few years ago and now are again available for sale.
Don't expect really high quality or fit&finish like we got used to by Sanrenmu and Ganzo latest models, but some of the models are definitely interesting and unique so it's a good opportunity for a vintage pickup.
They even sell the key for that annoying Enlan tri wing pivot screw now.
Also available here (faster US Shipping):
Enlan Knives on Amazon.

Other than that I could recommend picking up Ganzo Firebird FH21 and Ganzo FH31 models as they are now proven to be great value knives with high quality levels and made from real D2 steel.

As for other  noticeable gear I intend to pick up the Xiaomi AirDots true wireless earbuds and the SJCam SJ8 Pro action camera as well as other smaller items for household and gifts to family members.

Also check out the knives I recommended in my previous AliExpress sale posts:

Official Sanrenmu Store on AliExpress:
They have great selection of (mostly newer) knife models from one of the leading budget knife manufacturers in China.
The same factory also produces knives for several American brands (Spyderco, Kershaw), and also RUIKE, Real Steel, Boker+ and many others, so the quality levels of their products are amazing for the price.
They also have many products for sale in this sale, ship the products fast and have excellent customer service. 

Other Sanrenmu models are also available at Gearbest.

Another store that I recommend to check out on AliExpress is the 
Tangram Knives Brand.

The budget subsidiary of Kizer Knives have followed their parent company and now also present their knives on the Chinese platform with lower prices and worldwide free shipping on most of their products.
They primarily make knives out of 440 Acuto steel from Japan, polimer handles (also aluminum) and the same awesome quality we already got accustomed to from Kizer's Vanguard series.
BTW - don't forget about the parent - 
 Kizer AliExpress Store, awesome prices and excellent service as well, plus some new models as well.

I'd also like to put a spotlight on one model that is sold at AliExpress - the relatively new and loved Ganzo FH11.
Now they have released an updated version with a reversible clip, so you could carry it on the left side as well, so managed to make it even better.
Definitely check it out, great low prices on it during this sale.

Other great offerings come from the TwoSun brand
These have become very popular lately, partly due to their newer futuristic (original) designs by Night Morning Design and Vitesse Design and partly due to the manufacturing quality, fit and finish.
TwoSun Knives are also available on Amazon.

And of course the Kevin John Venom models are also sold with significant discounts during this period.
2 new models are now available - the Harpoon (with unique pivot tightening solution) and the Bone Doctor.

Happy shopping!

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Kershaw TX Tool Review - Budget (Knife Disassembly) Screwdriver

The Kershaw TX Tool arrives in a branded cardboard box and includes an aluminum body with a magnetic head and 5 bits - 3 torxes (#6 #8 and #10), a flat head and a Phillips (cross) head.


- Easy to carry: the bits are conveniently stored inside the body of the screwdriver, it's relatively light and small plus has a decent pocket clip that could be removed if needed.
- Easy to use: feels good (safe) in the hand and has good grip (due to the knurling and the deep grooves).
- The bits are of good quality and steel(relatively to the price of the tool) and don't strip easily. A big plus is that the tool fits standard 4mm bits so could be replaced quite easily if needed.
- The magnetic head works really well and the magnet is pretty strong that it can hold small and medium sized knife screws (which is really important when performing knife maintenance).
- Can hold up to 8 bits total (7 inside the body and one in the head). 
- Budget price for a branded tool.
- Not that it is important but it looks pretty well for a budget tool as well.
- I was missing the #7 and #9 bits that are frequently used in all sorts of knives (not Kershaw knives though). So I got an inexpensive torx set made by Flexsteel (also decent quality) and added these to the kit.
- The disadvantage of storing the bits inside the handle is that you kinda have to spill all of them into the hand or on the table, pick the one you need and return the others inside. That wastes a few seconds of your time and increases the chance of lost pieces.
- If you only carry stock bits - they rattle a bit inside the handle (so not fitted for stealth ninjas :) )
- This tool has great value and is well made but it's biggest advantage IMO are the mobility and that it doesn't take lots of space.
Will serve well as a usable tool at knife meetups, while travelling, as an additional tool for those double sided pivots or for folks who disassemble small screws at work (like electronics technicians).

Kershaw TX Tool is available here (US): Kershaw TX Tool

Or here (international shipping): Kershaw TX Tool IL

Competitive options: Wiha Tool Set
                                         Benchmade Blue Box

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Sanrenmu 9165 - Budget Slipjoint EDC Hall-of-Famer!

Hey guys, sorry for the long absence (had to deal with some life issues) but now I'm back, hopefully to full speed.

Today I will review a very interesting budget knife from the updated Sanrenmu brand - the 9165, which is a modern EDC full-size slipjoint.

It arrived ~month after the order date in a Sanrenmu branded cardboard box with paperwork and an extra safety pin.

What did I like about the knife:
- First of all the quality - fit and finish are on a very high level, like most of the newer Sanrenmu models. Plus it arrived shaving sharp.
- Materials: 12C27 blade (which I consider to be one of the best steel choices for budget EDC knives (Sup Kershaw and CRKT) as it keeps a decent edge and won't rust on you.
The G10 pattern reminds one that you find on Spyderco knives (coincidence? :) ) - provides good grip but won't tear your pants or hands. 
- Thin grind that is rarely found on knives in this price range (0.5 mm bevel and 0.6 on the very tip of the blade).
- Has a one-handed opening (dual-sided thumb studs) and one-handed closing feature (half stop - please watch the video down below for the demo).
- Safety pin - although this is a slipjoint, Sanrenmu have added a safety feature that allows effective lock of the blade to prevent it from closing on the fingers of the user (virtually turning it into a fixed blade).
The pin is stored inside the handle (at first glance it looks like another standoff) and is secured in place with a small wire spring that goes into a groove on the pin.
If moved to the hole in the front of the handle it locks the back spring and locks the blade.
Please watch the video below for the demo.
- The 9165 is thin, light (2.85 oz/80.8 g for 3.5"/92mm blade length)  and has a well functioning deep carry pocket clip that makes it easy to carry and get in and out of the pocket.
- Ergonomics are decent in my medium-sized hand, full 4 finger grip.

What I don't like:
- The back spring is relatively stiff and that (together with the half stop) makes it hard to flick out the blade without some serious wrist action. Regular slow opening works just fine.
- The clip isn't reversible for left side carry (despite the dual thumb studs).
- Lacks gimping and a finger choil IMO (especially for a non-locking blade).

I really like this knife for quality, materials, features and above all the amazing value it provides.
It is one of the best options for budget EDC IMO and I plan to carry it a lot.

I got the knife here (official Sanrenmu dealer): Sanrenmu 9165
More Sanrenmu knives on GearBest: Sanrenmu Knives on GearBest
And even Amazon: Sanrenmu Knives on Amazon

Action demo:

Thanks for reading, hope to see you soon on another review.


Saturday, January 26, 2019

My experience with Kizer Knives Warranty Service

Links to the knives: Kizer Critical: Kizer Dorado: Kizer Dukes: Tangram Vector: Also please check out Kizer knives with free worldwide shipping: Kizer Official Store: Tangram Official store: Kizer Knives website: Email for warranty issues: / In this video I would like to tell you about my experience with Kizer Knives, fail and their warranty service. If you liked the video please slash that like button and comment your opinion about Kizer knives and their warranty service. Plus I would like to know your feedback on the new lightning and camera setup. Thanks for watching and I'll see you on the next ones!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Top 5 Favorite Fixed Blades for 2018

Top 5 picks out of the ones I have (based on quality and the amount of use they got lately).
What were your favorite knives for this year?

Links: 5) Sanrenmu S731: 4) Marttiini Skinner: 3) SOG Pentagon: 2) Sanrenmu 7130: 1) EnZo 125 Camper: Hultafors Classic Trekking Axe (Honorable mention): (The links are for cheapest deals I could find for these knives ATM. If you found one for less please write it in the comments/DM me and I will update the list accordingly). In this video I'll show and tell about my favorite fixed blades for 2018 and the ones that I used the most. What are your top fixed blades for this year? I would love to know so please write them down in the comments. If you liked this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe. Thanks for watching and I'll see you on the next ones. Cheers!

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

EDC Update: Most Carried for 2018

In this video I'd like to show you my most carried EDC (Every Day Carry) items of 2018 and tell a bit about my EDC philosophy.

Links (in order of mentioning): EDC Watch: Victorinox Maverick: Lights: Nitecore Tube: Olight i3s: Zanflare F1: Multitool: Gerber Dime: Pens: Fisher Space Pen: Zebra F1: Pocket Tool: CRKT Vox Snailor: Beard Comb: BlueZoo: Bluetooth Earbuds: Baseus S06: Vaping: Vaporesso Tarot Nano: Wallet: Pelgio Stingray Leather Wallet/Money Clip: Self Defence: Police Strength Pepper Spray: Knives: Victorinox SAK Alox Farmer: Sanrenmu 6020: Kizer Dukes: Bestech Scimitar: StatGear Ausus: Spyderco Manix 2 Maxamet: Phone: OnePlus 6 here: Or here:

If you liked this video please give it a thumbs up, subscribe (if you haven't already) and tell me in the comments: Which were your most carried items for 2018? Thanks for watching and I'll see you on the next ones. Cheers!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

New models from Ganzo Firebird: Ganzo FH21 and FH31!

Just a short update about the newest models that have been announced by the Chinese company.

First of all they'll be making a silver (non blackwash version of the FH13 I wrote about a while back).
The new version will be called the FH12 and have all the same parameters of the black one.

Now to the 2 totally new designs:

The first is the Ganzo FH31:

Overall length:19.8cm
Blade length:8.6cm
Blade thickness:0.3cm
Blade material:D2
Blade hardness:+-60HRC
Handle material:G10 or Carbon fiber
Net weight:113G
Colors: Black, Green, CF Laminate

And the other one is the Ganzo Firebird FH21:


Overall length:19.7cm
Blade length:8.6cm
Blade thickness:0.35cm
Blade material:D2
Blade hardness:+-60HRC
Handle material:G10
Net weight:96.5G

Colors: Black, Green, Grey.

Reminds me a lot of the relatively new knife called the Fat Dragon Dead Silence.
Wonder if they got the permission to use the design or just "Ganzoed" it like they know.

How do you like the new models?
BTW - I will update when they will become available for purchase so please follow me on the social channels (could be found in the first post on the blog). 

Hope it has been interesting.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Ganzo Firebird FH13 - New Steel Version of the FH11 + Design Origin (Premium Version) Found!

Hey guys, how are you?

This time a quick update about a new model from one of the most popular budget brands out there - Ganzo Firebird.
They've seen the popularity of the excellent FH11 model and decided to make a full stainless steel version of that knife with a few construction/finish changed as well.

First and foremost the biggest change is of course the lock - the linerlock was replaced by a steel framelock (which is safer, as it is supported by the grip of the user).
Another change is the blackwashed (black coated and then stonewashed) blade, hardware and pocket clip, making the appearance more "stealth" and discreet.
The thing that surprised me the most about it was the fact that they replaced G10 and steel liners with solid steel scales - the weight of the knife stayed the same and that is due to the internal milling that can be seen in the disassembled view:

So, it's not just a "face lift" of the same knife, but a different model altogether and one that is quite different in terms of style and materials (except the proven real D2 steel and the same bearings).
Worth checking out IMO.
The Ganzo Firebird FH13 is available here: Ganzo Firebird FH13 on AliExpress
               Or on GearBest (PayPal enabled): Ganzo Firebird FH13 on GearBest
                     Available on Amazon as well:  Ganzo Firebird FH13 on Amazon

And as a bonus: when the FH11 first came out it looked really familiar to me, like I have seen the exact same knife before.
After a bit of searching I found the one I had in mind - a knife known as the Lovocoo Harmonious:

This M390, titanium body and milled clip model appeared quite a while ago and is obviously the origin for the FH series from Ganzo.
The question of if it was a licensed design or a copy will probably remain unanswered, but if you want a premium version of the FH11/13 - it is also available.

Hope you enjoyed the post.