Saturday, September 1, 2018

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Tekut Tough EDC Knife Review - If Mora made folders!

Today I'll be doing something I haven't done in a long time and that is reviewing a new knife.

This time it's the Tough - budget EDC blade by Tekut.

To those who never heard about the brand - just like Sanrenmu, Tekut is a veteran OEM maker out of China that is producing knives for other companies and make a few models of their own.

Lately they had a breakthrough with an excellent EDC knife - the Tekut Zero (previously reviewed) and this is their later model.

Blade length: 3.5" / 91 mm
Full Length: 8.2" / 209 mm
Weight: 4.7oz / 134g

First impressions:
The Tough came in a see through plastic tube, great presentation.
Was sharp out of the box, no F&F problems, smooth and had great lockup.

- Great quality, fit and finish out of the box.
- Solid lockup in both directions (with tweaking).
- Great ergos (including thumb dent and gimping).
- Nice hydraulic action on washers (not bearings).
- Strong thick tip.
- G10 with a nice traction but not pant ripping texture.
- Sandvik 12C27 blade (the same one SS Moras are made from).
- Price.

Best quality:
- The best quality of this model is the ultra deep carry pocket clip (see demo in the video below).
Great original feature that was developed by Tekut.

- Blade centering is off in mine. I could tweak it to be centered, but then there will be a bit horizontal bladeplay. One of the most common cons of knives with washers.
- The flipper tub is pointy and sticking out too much IMO. Truly a "pocket pecker".
- Sating finish on the blade, I would prefer a stonewash that will hide scratches.
- Biggest con IMO is the fact that all the screws on the knife are locktited that means it will be difficult to disassemble.

This one is a great high value budget blade with some unique and uncommon features that help it stand out in the crowd.
It really feels like a tool rather than a collectors piece with its simple but useful shape and build, a reliable tool that you could rely on.
That, in addition to the shape make me associate it with Mora knives, so if you were in the market for a folding Mora knife - this one could be a great option.

Knife is available here: Tekut Tough

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Check it out on Amazon for faster US shipping: Tekut Tough on Amazon
Or on BladeHQ: Tekut Knives on BladeHQ

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

RAD Knives Cleaver Mini Style Clone - New Budget "EDC" Version!

There is a new Budget "EDC" version of the Field Cleavers!
The difference is in the width of the scales (slimmer than on the previous versions) and thus make the knife lighter (7.4 oz (210g) instead of the previous 8.25 (234 g).
It will also be slimmer in the pocket.
Plus those are much more affordable than the previous version.
I already own one and confirm this info.

Check them out here: RAD Knives EDC Version
Also check out many small Cleavers from Fura: FURA Mini Cleavers

Details about the knives:
They have the same overall size and weight as the previous models:

Overall : 220 mm
Blade length 90mm
Handle length : 130 mm
Blade width : 40 mm ( widest point )
Blade thickness : 4mm 
Blade material : D2
Weight: 210 g ( without packaging )

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

CIMA 1 Survival Knife Review - Sheath Happens!

This time it's the turn of one of the most popular budget knives out there - the CIMA 1.

First impressions:

The knife arrived in a CIMA branded cardboard box.
Out of the box it was reasonably sharp, but had a few issued with the sheath - it had some scratches on it (even a small crack) and had pretty bad retention.
Plus I really hated the clip CIMA 1 came with (springy steel clip) - it made the knife heavy and uncomfortable.
So I took it off and put a tek lok on it (the key was to use the long screws of the original clip).
Plus I glued a piece of rubber inside to fix the retention.
The knife felt much better after that.

- Blade length: 3.85"/9.8 cm.
- Cutting edge: 3.75"/9.5 cm

- Total length: 8.26"/21 cm
- Weight with the sheath: 10 oz/284 g
- Weight without the sheath: 7.26 oz/206.6 g

1. The condition of the sheath and the clip it came with.
2. Pretty thick grind and uneven sharpening.
3. 7Cr17MoV steel.
4. The CIMA 1 is relatively heavy for the size and the balance is off.
5. The design was borrowed from ESEE/ONTARIO RAT series.

1. Genuine Micarta handle - best quality and a reason to buy this knife.
Micarta handle is pleasant to touch and provides great grip (even when the hand is wet).
It also absorbs moisture.
2. The looks - are great IMO (kudos to ESEE).
3. Awesome ergos, including the gimping and the finger choil.
4. The blade coating is quite durable (not cheap paint).
5. Full tang construction with a skull crusher/window breaker at the end.
6. Price.

I admit I expected more from this knife. Maybe I just got a lemon.
But still - I think the CIMA 1 is worth the price (after the improvements to the sheath) as it will perform and you wouldn't feel sorry for it.
Plus that micarta handle is awesome.

Check out the CIMA 1 here: CIMA 1 Survival Knife
Or on Amazon for faster US shipping: CIMA 1 on Amazon

Competitive option:

Ontario RAT 3: Ontario RAT 3 Survival Knife

Video demo:

Saturday, January 20, 2018

New Interesting Knives on AliExpress!

Decided to do something I haven't done in a while and that is to show and tell about some of the newest and most interesting knives that have recently appeared on the Chinese platform.

1. Small Bushcraft knife - Nice small budget friendly knife.
Loved the way it looks and for the price it was a no brainer for me.
Supposedly features D2 steel, wooden handle and leather sheath.

Competitive option: Mora Eldris

2. Check out Kizer's AliExpress Outlet Store - great prices for awesome knives + free worldwide shipping.

3. Two Sun TS52 - New Dagger style flipper from Two Sun. Features stonewashed handle, ti clip, ball bearings and D2 blade (sharpened on one side). Like this design!

4. New small CF fixed blade from Dicoria - 2 steel options (VG10, Damascus) and a kydex sheath.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Maxace Red Queen Review - The Queen of Mean!

I got this knife over a year ago and am now ready to do a review on it.
The reason it took so long is because I haven't used it much during this period of time and I'll explain why during this review (in the Cons section).

First impressions:

The knife came in a branded black presentation box.
Was sharp out of the box and had no issues at all with centering, lockup and action (very smooth out of the box).

- The quality out of the box. Fit, finish, lockup, centering - all close to perfection.
- The materials - anodized aluminum handles + backspacer, nested steel liners, G10 inlays, bearings in the pivot and blackwashed 10Cr15CoMoV blade (which is like 8Cr13 on steroids with added Carbon and Cobalt).
- Great ergonomics that will fit most hand sizes + awesome added gimping and finger choil.
- Options - this knife comes in 6 color options (3 colors of handles and inlays and blackwashed/stonewashed blade). Options are always great.
- Very smooth action and deployment (added fidgeting factor).
- Very budget price point for what you are getting.

Best quality:
- Definitely the design. The looks, the tactile feel, the locking method (hidden blade stops), the sound of deployment, even the hardware - all make it feel like a much higher end knife than the price it sells for. 
The looks are also very charismatic - the knife looks mean (with that hawkbill blade and very sharp pointy tip) and reminds of an antagonist in a book or a movie, which is actually awesome and really cool.

- The knife is quite hefty (has non skeletonized liners) but the balance is right where it is supposed to be (under the finger groove), so feels much lighter than it is.

- The steel pocket clip is quite low and stiff. Although it doesn't interfere with the ergos and is usable it is quite complicated to put on the pocket. Taking out is much easier and works fine that way.
- The hawkbill blade - cool as hell, but other than self defence (which I do not support) and opening packages - this knife has almost no other practical use. I mean you could slice with it, but it is quite uncomfortable in comparison to other blades I have.

I like this knife a lot. Although I didn't get much slicing use out of it - I still enjoy very much to own it and use it for what is possible (like opening packages and letters).
I'm sure it is suitable for self defence, but I don't practice that (self defence with a knife).
The quality, the design, the looks, the materials and the charisma - all are definitely there and like I stated - I'm happy it is part of my collection.

Check out the knife here (premium Ti version is also available): Maxace Red Queen

And even cheaper on Amazon: Maxace Red Queen on Amazon
Maxace Knives are also sold here: Maxace Knives
Video demo of the knife:

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Brother 1502 Knife - Your Grandpa's Folder!

So, this one arrived as well and it is time to make a short review of it.
I actually won this knife in a GAW, so didn't order it myself.
It arrived from China in less than 3 weeks (before the holidays).

First impressions:

The Brother 1502 came in a plain cardboard box, pretty dirty inside (that is usually the case with Brother Knives, at least from my experience), blade was centered and sharp, no bladeplay.

I cleaned it and it became very smooth (blade drops if you disengage the lock).

- Great classic looks (is very similar to the now discontinued Kershaw Gentleman's folder).
- Good fit and finish of the polished 3D G10 scales.
- No bladeplay at all and the lock is pretty soft (for a lockback) and could be even used one-handed.
- Became very smooth after cleaning.
- Is thin and light (3.76 oz/106.8 g) for easy carry inside the pocket.
- Has strong tip that won't break during EDC tasks + 440C stainless steel.
- Nice ergos for my middle sized hand (because of the 3D scales).

- Two-handed opening.
- Pinned constructon (couldn't be disassembled).
- Sharpening wasn't even and pretty thick grind.
- Cutting edge length is pretty short (2.75" with 3.14" blade). Full length is 7.25".
- Small finish problems: lanyard hole isn't perfectly round and some scratches on the pivot pin.
- No pocket clip.

This is a classic Grandpa Knife (meaning similar to a knife our grandpas EDCed back in the day).
IMO - this isn't a knife for knife aficionados and collectors, but more for actual use for non-knife people.
The simple and strong construction make it virtually "dumbass proof" (couldn't be screwed up by dumbasses) so it will make an awesome loaner knife and a cool inexpensive gift for non-knife folks.

Check out the knife here:
Brother 1502 Knife
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out15off 20% off all knives (that aren't on a flash sale) - knives20off
Competitive options: 
Buck 112: Buck 112 Knife
Schrade Old Timer: Schrade Old Timer

Video Demo:

Friday, December 29, 2017

How to tell a fake Shirogorov 110b clone knife from the real one

First and most important tell is the female of the pivot screw - the real one is flat (or slightly raised), while the fake one has the screw in the middle that controls the pivot screw (system that could be found on other Shiro knives). Second tell is the steel - Green Thorn 110b clones were made only with M390 blade steel, so if it has Cronidur 30 or other mark of steel - it is probably genuine. Plus, Greet Thorn only made CF versions, so if the knife has G10 scales - you are probably good to go. Most genuine 110b's will have logo on the blade in adition to the logo on the bolster (which the clone doesn't have). Don't expect to distinguish the clone from the genuine judging by the quality alone - it is just as good as the genuine Shirogorov (almost 1:1). Knife is sold here: Green Thorn Fake 110B Genuine Shirogorov knives here: Genuine Shirogorov Knives

Saturday, December 23, 2017

BATTLE OF THE BUDGET TOOLS: Leatherman Wingman vs GANZO G302B!

The Leatherman tool is almost twice the price of the Ganzo (on flash sale), but has a great 25 year warranty.  So, I've got this tools for a long time and used both extensively through all of this time for DIY projects, gardening and moving.  

I can say that this combo worked the best for me as those tools seem to complete each other's flaws, such as the different driver bits (like them more than the Leatherman flat ones), locking tools, larger (thicker) pliers and removable cutter blades on the Ganzo and the large scissors, smaller size, lower weight and better sheath on the Leatherman.  

Leatherman Wingman is available here: Leatherman Wingman The Ganzo G302B here: Ganzo G302B
So I chose to own and use them both, which one would you choose? 

Video comparison of the 2:

Friday, December 15, 2017

Ganzo F7551 GanzoCleaver have finally reached GearBest!

Sorry for the long absence guys, have been a bit busy lately, so posted mostly on the social media.

Follow me on the social platforms (links are in the first post of the blog) to catch the latest releases and news.

Today just a quick update on the newest Ganzo model that have been around for a while in the US, but has just reached one of the largest knife retailers out of China - Gearbest, which always seem to have the best prices for most knives that come out of China.

So, the new Cleaver model has original design (as much as a cleaver knife could be different from other cleavers), but still has a G-Lock, so is probably the first Cleaver to come with that lock or a similar one.

It also has a generous finger choil for choking up on the blade, blued thumb studs and hardware.

It comes in 4 colors: black, OD green and orange G10 + CF laminate.

Check it out here: Ganzo F7551 GanzoCleaver
Coupon to get 15% off all knives from the site: GBKnives15off

Also, check out Ganzo Knives on Amazon for faster US shipping: Ganzo Knives on Amazon