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Friday, October 20, 2017

Sanrenmu 7046 LTX Poor Man's Razel Knife Review

I got this knife a while ago and am now ready to review it.
I got it directly from China and the package arrived in ~3 weeks.

First impression:
The Sanrenmu 7046 arrived in a Sanrenmu branded plain paper box, nothing fancy there.
The condition out of the box is near perfect - no blade play, blade dead centered, very smooth action (Sebenza like) on bronze washers and hair shaving sharp.

- The Sanrenmu quality and QC - this knife feels better than many other knives in the category and even higher priced ones. Really have to try it to appreciate.
- The original design from Liang Gang and the looks. Great job LG!
- The action and the smoothness.
- The extra features such as a wrench, bottle opener and the glass breaker in the end of the handle.

- Fit and finish.
- Materials for the price - 8Cr13MoV steel that keeps a good edge and aluminum handle.

- The fact that it could serve as a Poor Man's version of the Graham Razel.
- The price, especially considering the quality.

- The knife has a reversible deep carry pocket clip. but it rides too high for my taste in the tip down position.

- The Sanrenmu 7046 has a chisel ground blade which is sharpened from one side only.
Could be unusual to cut with and to sharpen.

- The ergos are fine for my middle sized hand, but could be unfit for people with larger hands (3 finger grip only for them, could be solved with a lanyard though).

- I would love for the thumb plate to be just a bit bigger and it would be more comfortable to flick the blade out.

- The Sanrenmu 7046 feels a lot like a small multitool and I think that could be the best purpose for it - a small beater blade or a work knife. It could also serve as a great present, even for non knife folks, cause everyone could enjoy it's quality and extra features.
The fact that it could serve as a budget Razel gives it extra cool points IMO, but also give a stronger tip and more versability. I could really see it used on a construction site.
Anyway - I really like this knife and happy I got it.

The knife is available here: Sanrenmu 7046 LTX

Competitive options:
Mora Craftline Chisel

Kershaw Shuffle

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

CH Knives CH3505 3505 EDC Flipper Knife Review!

I have received this knife as well and would like to tell you my thoughts about it.

First impressions:

The knife came in a CH branded black cardboard presentation box wrapped in a nylon sleeve.
It was great out of the box - blade dead centered, no blade play whatsoever (feels like a fixed blade), early but safe lockup, action was smooth and became even smoother with a drop of oil on the ceramic detent ball.
One thing that wasn't perfect about it was the sharpening  - straight but felt a bit unfinished.
I took out my Lansky Turn Box and just with few slides on the ceramic rod and a quick stropping it became as sharp as a freaking Lightsaber!

The knife didn't require disassembly, but I did it anyway (was curious about the construction).
What can I say - you can add the CH 3505 to the CRKT Homefront line, cause it took me just a few seconds to disassemble it (2 screws and the thing was done).
It has a very pretty unique construction (as can be seen in the picture) - internal stop pin that slides in the milled cutouts (the best kind of internal stop pin IMO), only the pivot screw is shown on the presentation side, the back side of the knife is held by the pocket clip screw that goes inside the backspacer that is anchored to the scale. Plus ceramic bearings in a metal cage and steel washers with pre-milled grooves in them to separate the bearings from the titanium. Definitely not a level of construction I've ever seen on a Chinese knife before (maybe only on a Rike knife).

The Good:
- Quality out of the box and in general.

- The overall shape (concept) and the looks.
- The details - such as the bronze colored washers under the pivot screws, sterile (only pivot screw is shown) presentation side, hidden steel insert, true open back construction and the lanyard hole.
- The ti pocket clip is excellent.
- Overall level of manufacturing, milling and anodizing.
- The additional guard - gives an unique look to the knife, adds some character, acts as a guard and even can be used to deploy the knife using the thumb (not waveable though).

The Great:
- The blade profile and the sharpness (after touchup) - the CH 3505 has a great profile for cutting and a thin flat grind that makes it an excellent cutting instrument.
- EDCability - the knife rides very well in the pocket, has slim profile and relatively low weight (95.4g /3.36 oz) for a 3.5" (91mm) blade. Overall length is 202 mm or 8".
- S35VN steel - keeps a great edge with that thin grind and I have no reason to suspect it isn't that steel.
- Action - very smooth on ball bearings (even better after disassembly, cleaning and lubing), flips fast and hard due to the right detent. Could be lightswitched and pushbuttoned.
- Price - for all those great features and the fact that the knife has original design. the price is more than adequate.

The Neutral:
- The pattern on the presentation side - made well but I'm not gaga over it.
- The fact that they started to number their knives on the pocket clip - good idea. but could have chosen a different, more subtle place to do so.

The Bad:
- The pocket clip has some discoloration on the tip due to carry.
- The ergos - are OK, but like with many other Kwaiken style knives are lacking due to the straight shape of the handle.

- Nothing.

- I like this knife a lot, more that I thought I would. There are knives that are better in person than on the picture and this is one of them. The build quality and engineering are top notch, real thought and design were used here and it really shows (no corner cutting like on many other Chinese knives unfortunately).
I'm also excited to see what CH Knives will come up with next.

Check out the knife here: CH Knives CH3505

Or even cheaper and PayPal friendly here: CH Knives 3505

Competitive options:
Kizer Tomcat Splinter
Boker Plus Ti Kwaiken

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Daggerr Knives Urban Dagger Knife Review - Optimistic Dissonance!

First of all - sorry for my long absence from the blog guys.
For all those who asked - I'm fine, just life happened and I needed time to move into a new apartment and traveled to China immediately after, but now I'm back at full speed!

So, I finally found the time to do a review of this knife I got more than 2 months ago.
If you missed their posts on IG - it is a knife that was designed in Russia but manufactured in China
It was sent directly by the company Daggerr Knives (in Moscow, Russia) and arrived pretty fast (~ a week and a half) with tracking.

First impressions:
- The knife arrived in a black cardboard box, branded with company's name.
The quality out of the box wasn't the best to say the least: the knife was centered and had good lockup, but had a pretty stiff deployment, play in the detent and crooked, uneven sharpening.
I got the knife apart and worked on the action (cleaned it and polished the washers), but the action didn't improve dramatically (like it should have) and that is due to the tolerances and overall fit the knife was built with.
Then I tried to replace the large bronze washer with a teflon one (Ganzo Style! :) ) and it worked beautifully! Now the knife is significantly smoother and deploys easily with one hand.

The Bad:
- I will start with the bad on this one and the reason is the overall quality of the fit and finish on this knife. It really leaves a bad taste (especially out of the box) if you have already tried higher end knives and know how those are supposed to work and operate.
The good side of the bad finish is the feeling that the knife was hand built in Medieval times (which it of course wasn't, maybe hand built by the Chinese), in times when people cared that the knife or other tool/weapon works more than the fit and finish, smoothness of the action and other First World Knife problems.
- I would also like to point out the pocket clip (knife rides too high on the pocket).

The Ugly:
- The uneven sharpening (like it was made by a blind and drunk ape). No way around it - it is just ugly.

The Good:
- The Design (it was the reason I got it in the first place). The knife is pretty different from the usual mass and stands out in the crowd. I can't really put my finger on it (it may be the fact it isn't trying to be the best EDC knife out there, but made for thrusting or that dagger bladeshape on a folder, slim profile with a medieval style to it), but I liked it from the moment I saw it. I think using blackwash on the blade was a wise choice, just like choosing liner lock and the materials.
- The ergos - are both good and unusual. I also liked the choil and the thumb ramp with gimping.

- The deployment (after washer exchange and breaking in) - the knife became much smoother, although the detent play didn't go away, but is now hardly noticeable. I also appreciate that the company didn't copy Spyderco's round hole but altered it to the shape of a skull/mushroom. This gives the same advantages of a thumb hole - doesn't get in the way while cutting and could be flicked out with a middle finger.

The Great:
- I liked the fact that the company acknowledges the fact it got screwed by the manufacturing company over quality and QC and being honest about it (also learned their lesson and the next batch will be made in Russia with premium materials).

- It has been a while since I felt this much dissonance between the quality of the knife and the design.
I think the latter has an upper hand, as the design is very charismatic and unique and I am excited and optimistic that the company will improve and make this design with a better quality in the future.

Daggerr Knives on IG:
Competitive options: 
Spyderco Tenacious

CRKT Tighe Dye Dagger

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Tekut Zero Review: Best Budget EDC Knife?

I got this knife a while ago and would like to share my thoughts and experiences with it.
Received it in ~3 weeks directly from China (through Azerbaijan).

First impressions:
The knife came in a see through tube style plastic packaging, which was a nice change from all of the cardboard boxes Chinese knives usually come in.
No issues at all out of the box - blade is dead centered, lockup is excellent, it has smooth action and is sharp.
I decided to disassemble the knife to see the ultra deep carry mechanism and this is where it really became interesting and impressive.
This knife has the highest tolerances that I've ever seen on a budget Chinese knife, the fit is just incredible for this price point.
All of the screws and standoffs have D-shape points that prevent them from spinning and coming loose. The knife is constructed very tightly and it really feels like it when you hold and use it.

The Good:
- The build quality and the tolerances.
- The action: is hydraulic and smooth (runs on bronze washers),
- Materials and features - 3D G10 handles with nested steel liner (for the lock), Sandvik 12C27 blade and dual sided thumb studs.
- The looks and the style - very gentleman like from one side, but also capable from the other.
- Ergos - good 4 finger grip for my middle sized hand.
- The steel is very decent (same steel Mora knives use on their stainless steel blades), has good edge retention (probably properly heat treated) and the blade geometry is excellent for cutting.

The Great:
- The original and innovative design including the ultra deep carry pocket clip that is held in place by a detent and when deployed allows for the knife to be buried even deeper than a knife with a regular deep carry clip.
- Compact (slim) size, very light weight and Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel - which make it an excellent EDC knife (one of the best options IMO).
- Price - the value is through the roof.

The Neutral:
- The liner is pretty thin and the lockup is at about 30% of the lock-face. No issues there, but it is an ad hock EDC blade and shouldn't be abused.

The Bad:
- The pocket clip is a bit softer than what I prefer and the detent on the clip mechanism could be a bit stronger. Not a big issue though.

The Ugly:
- Folks who still say Chinese can't make a great EDC blade with original design.

- As it could be understood from the text - I really like this knife for EDC.
The fact that it has a 100% original design with innovative features make it an easy choice to put in the pocket and carry daily, beating even much more expensive blades to the task.
For years I've recommended the Kershaw Leek and the Ontario RAT II as one of the best small budget EDC blades out there.
I truly believe this one combines the best qualities of both (without being a clone) and beats them in their own game to the task making it a great contender to the Best Budget EDC Folder title.

Check  out the knife here: Tekut Zero EDC Knife

Competitive options:
Ontario RAT II
Kershaw Leek

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Best Chinese Knives Giveaway - CH Knives CH3504 EDC Knife!

Info on the Giveaway:
I've reached 500 subs on YouTube, 5000 followers on Instagram ( and more than 500,000 entries to my blog, so I decided to give something back to the community and do a GAW for this great knife as a celebration. The rules are pretty simple - there are 2 ways to enter:
1. Be a subscriber to my YouTube channel, like and leave one comment under this video:
2. Follow me on IG - - like and repost the GAW photo with tag #bestchineseknives5Kgaw. - You can do both and increase your chance of winning! - One entry per person in each of the ways. - Shares and shoutouts are also welcome! - No dedicated GAW accounts! - Winner must be 18 years old or have consent paper from parents (if not - I will send you a consolation non-knife prize). - I will ship Worldwide with a tracking number. - I will draw 2 people (one from IG and one on YouTube) via random generator and do a final by a coin toss when I will reach 1K subs on YT or on the 1st of October 2018 (which ever comes first).
Thanks for everything guys and good luck!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Knives to get in the AliExpress Brands Shopping Week Sale!

Ok, so I have decided to create a post where I will write about knives that I think will be wise to get in the AliExpress  Brands Shopping Week Sale.

Please notice that some of the locks in the seller's pictures might be edited out to comply with AliExpress knife selling rules, but most of the knives in the lots have fully functioning locks (I will state otherwise).

Also Check out great deals on knives on Gearbest: Knife Deals on GB

Folding Knives (Original Designs):

Bear Claw Parrot - New slipjoint on bearings, the design and the concept remind of the Lansky World Legal knife, but couldn't be called a clone IMO.
Now for $5 less on the price.

Check out World Legal Knife here: Lansky World Legal Knife

Bear Claw Parrot Knife

Viteli TOP 1 - Pretty well known high end model with original design and great materials (S35VN blade) and quality now for more than $50 off original price.

CH Knives CH3005 - 
Newest model from CH, and their take on a sub 3" stout flipper.

Kevin John Venom 3 - Awesome new version of this great quality knife. ~$40 off during the sale.

Kevin John Venom 2 (AKA CKF Daboia) - Awesome knife that is now making a comeback with a limited M390 edition - get them while you can (won't be around for long).

Bear Claw P60 - Very high quality flipper knife with Ti handle and S35VN blade. Amazing price for an S35VN knife.

Fixed Blade Knives (Original design):

Bear Claw Nettle - Great original design from the guys at Bear Claw. $5 off during the sale.

Kitchen Knives:

Xinzuo Budget Kitchen Knife Set
 - Great 5 piece budget set now for only $55.
I have the similar 3 piece set and reviewed it on the blog.
sharp knife

Sunday, August 27, 2017

CH Knives CH3504 3504 Skull S35VN Flipper Knife Review

I got this knife pretty long time ago and am now ready to do a review on it.

The knife came directly from China and took a bit more than a month to arrive.

First impressions:
The CH3504 arrived in a CH Knives branded black cardboard presentation box.
It had no issues out of the box - it was smooth, blade was centered, no fit & finish issues, had no bladeplay whatsoever, pretty early lockup and was razor sharp out of the box (shaved hair and cut paper without any effort).
I did however take out the ti backspacer to have a better balance and an open construction.
One thing is pretty important to mention - the finish on the blade was a much finer stonewash than what I've seen in other reviews.

- The great original design. 

- Stunning looks - graphics and the black-gold finish.
- Overall quality out of the box.
- The little details, like the rubber o-rings that prevent accidental opening of the pivot screw.
- Great ergos that will fit most hand sizes.
- S35VN steel - haven't given me reasons to question it and has kept a great edge.
- Price - an S35VN ti flipper with ceramic bearing for this price has amazing value.

- The flipper tab functions well, but isn't the most comfortable one out there.
- The pocket clip is pretty stiff.

- I'm not the first to review this knife online but it was important for me to share my thoughts and experience with you guys. The knife is great and I'm glad I got it.
Lately I am less and less drawn to clones and fakes (still glad I got those as I learned a lot about knives because of them) and more to the original designs that come out of China.
BTW - I'm thinking to give this one away in my upcoming giveaway, please share in the comments if you would like to see this as a prize.

The knife could be found here: CH Knives CH3504
Newer version is available here: 
New Version CH3504

Competitive options:
Kizer Bamboo

Kizer V3

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Ganzo Firebird G756 F7562 Review: Good EDC Knife!

So this will be a short review of the Ganzo F7562.

First impressions:
The knife came in the (now) standard Ganzo Firebird branded box.
The fit and the finish were good, so was the action (surprisingly smooth), the centering and sharpness.
The only issue it had was a slight flex in the vertical lockup, no horizontal play at all.

- The looks. The knife is really stunning and well executed.

- The ergos. Sits well in my medium sized hand (probably will fit most hand sizes).
- The finish. That relates to the machining of the famous Ganzo CF laminate and the stonewashed finish on the blade.

- Symmetrical grind and sharpening.
- The details. Skeletonized liners (for weight reduce), good gimping and blued hardware. The action is also very good out of the box.
- The steel. Good old 440C from Ganzo (that they have learned how to heat treat properly). There are advantages to sticking to one kind of steel on most of your models.

- The pocket clip. From one side it functions well, one the other - I'd love to see a  black deep carry one on this knife.

- That vertical flex (can't even say it's a blade play). It doesn't interfere with the action and the lock still functions well as can be seen from the spine whack test below, but it's always a bit unpleasant when it's there. I know I probably got a lemon, but I have heard from others that they don't have that problem.

Link to the overview and the spine whack test:

If not the flex, it would be one of the better knives I ever got from Ganzo (on par with the F753M1) and one of my favorite knives overall. With that being said I still like it very much for the other positive features and the spine whack test convinced me it is a solid blade, so I will use and carry it in my rotation.

Link to the knife: Ganzo Firebird G756 F7562

Competitive options:
Ontario RAT 1 CF

Real Steel H6

ganzo knives, ganzo firebird, ganzo g756, ganzo f7562

Monday, August 21, 2017

HX Outdoors Poker ZD009 Pocket EDC Knife Review

I got this knife as well and would like to tell you my impressions of it.

First impressions:
The knife came in an HX branded simple cardboard box and was VERY sharp.
It had a huge issue out of the box - significant side-to-side play, which also affected the centering.
I tried to tighten it down, but it has a free-spinning pivot, that was also locktited with that strong white kind(I hope the person who thought of/did that gets his ahole locktited as well).
So I tried to disassemble the knife and after lots of effort that included applying the hammer - I was finally able to do so.
It seems that the pivot screws are simply too long (or locktited too much), so even if tightened all the way, they still don't keep the whole construction tight and free of bladeplay.
I also discovered that it had very narrow nylon washers that weren't doing a very good job.
Anyway - I have replaced the washers with a thicker nylon ones, added 2 bronze ones under the pivot caps and assembled the knife back.
It fixed the blade play and made the knife function great - smooth and solid.

The Pros:
- Extremely sharp blade out of the box. That (combined with a thin flat grind and great sharpening) make it (surprisingly) an excellent slicer.
- The unique features. It features a carabiner at the tang, that allows it to be easily attached to a keychain or a loop. The inset frame/liner lock. The Ganzo style skeletonized carbon fiber laminate as a linerless scale.  The 2 tone blade.
- The steel. HX Outdoors know how to make a very decent AUS8 blade.
- The Poker game theme. The word "POKER" is written on the blade and all the suits appear on the pocket clip, and that adds another dimension to the knife.
- Slim profile and very lightweight.

The Cons:
- All the fit issues I mentioned in the First Impressions - locktited free spinning pivot screw, horizontal bladeplay and the narrow washers.
- The pocket clip is tip down only and is too long IMO.
- The opening in the blade is too large IMO. A smaller, different shape one would work much better.
- Ergos. Are OK, but the knife doesn't sit comfortably in my middle-sized hand.

Definitely not the best quality knife I got recently. Still don't know if I got a "lemon" or they are all like this. 

Reasons to get it - if you really want a poker themed knife or would like a slim and light knife that has a carabiner at the back and is a decent slicer. 
If you are a knife aficionado or are new to knives - you better skip this one and better choose one of the usual suspects.

Link to the knife: HX Outdoors Poker ZD009

Competitive options:

Kershaw Reverb

hx outdoors knife, poker knife, poker ZD009 knife, poker blade