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Friday, December 28, 2018

Top 5 Favorite Fixed Blades for 2018

Top 5 picks out of the ones I have (based on quality and the amount of use they got lately).
What were your favorite knives for this year?

Links: 5) Sanrenmu S731: 4) Marttiini Skinner: 3) SOG Pentagon: 2) Sanrenmu 7130: 1) EnZo 125 Camper: Hultafors Classic Trekking Axe (Honorable mention): (The links are for cheapest deals I could find for these knives ATM. If you found one for less please write it in the comments/DM me and I will update the list accordingly). In this video I'll show and tell about my favorite fixed blades for 2018 and the ones that I used the most. What are your top fixed blades for this year? I would love to know so please write them down in the comments. If you liked this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe. Thanks for watching and I'll see you on the next ones. Cheers!

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

EDC Update: Most Carried for 2018

In this video I'd like to show you my most carried EDC (Every Day Carry) items of 2018 and tell a bit about my EDC philosophy.

Links (in order of mentioning): EDC Watch: Victorinox Maverick: Lights: Nitecore Tube: Olight i3s: Zanflare F1: Multitool: Gerber Dime: Pens: Fisher Space Pen: Zebra F1: Pocket Tool: CRKT Vox Snailor: Beard Comb: BlueZoo: Bluetooth Earbuds: Baseus S06: Vaping: Vaporesso Tarot Nano: Wallet: Pelgio Stingray Leather Wallet/Money Clip: Self Defence: Police Strength Pepper Spray: Knives: Victorinox SAK Alox Farmer: Sanrenmu 6020: Kizer Dukes: Bestech Scimitar: StatGear Ausus: Spyderco Manix 2 Maxamet: Phone: OnePlus 6 here: Or here:

If you liked this video please give it a thumbs up, subscribe (if you haven't already) and tell me in the comments: Which were your most carried items for 2018? Thanks for watching and I'll see you on the next ones. Cheers!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

New models from Ganzo Firebird: Ganzo FH21 and FH31!

Just a short update about the newest models that have been announced by the Chinese company.

First of all they'll be making a silver (non blackwash version of the FH13 I wrote about a while back).
The new version will be called the FH12 and have all the same parameters of the black one.

Now to the 2 totally new designs:

The first is the Ganzo FH31:

Overall length:19.8cm
Blade length:8.6cm
Blade thickness:0.3cm
Blade material:D2
Blade hardness:+-60HRC
Handle material:G10 or Carbon fiber
Net weight:113G
Colors: Black, Green, CF Laminate

And the other one is the Ganzo Firebird FH21:


Overall length:19.7cm
Blade length:8.6cm
Blade thickness:0.35cm
Blade material:D2
Blade hardness:+-60HRC
Handle material:G10
Net weight:96.5G

Colors: Black, Green, Grey.

Reminds me a lot of the relatively new knife called the Fat Dragon Dead Silence.
Wonder if they got the permission to use the design or just "Ganzoed" it like they know.

How do you like the new models?
BTW - I will update when they will become available for purchase so please follow me on the social channels (could be found in the first post on the blog). 

Hope it has been interesting.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Ganzo Firebird FH13 - New Steel Version of the FH11 + Design Origin (Premium Version) Found!

Hey guys, how are you?

This time a quick update about a new model from one of the most popular budget brands out there - Ganzo Firebird.
They've seen the popularity of the excellent FH11 model and decided to make a full stainless steel version of that knife with a few construction/finish changed as well.

First and foremost the biggest change is of course the lock - the linerlock was replaced by a steel framelock (which is safer, as it is supported by the grip of the user).
Another change is the blackwashed (black coated and then stonewashed) blade, hardware and pocket clip, making the appearance more "stealth" and discreet.
The thing that surprised me the most about it was the fact that they replaced G10 and steel liners with solid steel scales - the weight of the knife stayed the same and that is due to the internal milling that can be seen in the disassembled view:

So, it's not just a "face lift" of the same knife, but a different model altogether and one that is quite different in terms of style and materials (except the proven real D2 steel and the same bearings).
Worth checking out IMO.
The Ganzo Firebird FH13 is available here: Ganzo Firebird FH13 on AliExpress
               Or on GearBest (PayPal enabled): Ganzo Firebird FH13 on GearBest
                     Available on Amazon as well:  Ganzo Firebird FH13 on Amazon

And as a bonus: when the FH11 first came out it looked really familiar to me, like I have seen the exact same knife before.
After a bit of searching I found the one I had in mind - a knife known as the Lovocoo Harmonious:

This M390, titanium body and milled clip model appeared quite a while ago and is obviously the origin for the FH series from Ganzo.
The question of if it was a licensed design or a copy will probably remain unanswered, but if you want a premium version of the FH11/13 - it is also available.

Hope you enjoyed the post.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Knives to get during the 11/11 AliExpress Singles Day Shopping Sale!

*Please notice that the AliExpress sale is now over and the prices for many of the recommended products have increased dramatically (up to 2X). GearBest and DHGate sales are still on.

The 11/11 AliExpress Shopping Sale have finally arrived and I'd like to show some of my picks to get during this awesome sale!

First of all - do you know why the Chinese call this the Singles Day Sale?
Well it is actually pretty simple - due to historical reasons there are a lot of single male folks in China and they needed a holiday to celebrate their pride in being single and the date (11/11) was chosen due to it being consisted of only singles ("1"s).

Please notice - many knives in this sale appear as if they don't have a lock in the seller's description, but in reality the pictures are edited because of the AliExpress regulations (selling locking knives is prohibited on the platform but if the lock is edited out it's apparently OK).

First of all - check out the Official Sanrenmu Store on AliExpress.

They have great selection of (mostly newer) knife models from one of the leading budget knife manufacturers in China.
The same factory also produces knives for several American brands (Spyderco, Kershaw), and also RUIKE, Real Steel, Boker+ and many others, so the quality levels of their products are amazing for the price.
They also have many products for sale in this sale, ship the products fast and have excellent customer service. 

Other Sanrenmu models are also available at Gearbest.

Another store that I recommend to check out on AliExpress is the 
 Tangram Knives Brand..
The budget subsidiary of Kizer Knives have followed their parent company and now also present their knives on the Chinese platform with lower prices and worldwide free shipping on most of their products.
They primarily make knives out of 440 Acuto steel from Japan, polimer handles (also aluminum) and the same awesome quality we already got accustomed to from Kizer's Vanguard series.
BTW - don't forget about the parent - 
 Kizer AliExpress Store., awesome prices and excellent service as well, plus some new models as well.

I'd also like to put a spotlight on one model that is sold at AliExpress - the relatively new and loved Ganzo FH11.
Now they have released an updated version with a reversible clip, so you could carry it on the left side as well, so managed to make it even better.
Definitely check it out, great low prices on it during this sale.

Other great offerings come from the TwoSun brand
These have become very popular lately, partly due to their newer futuristic (original) designs by Night Morning Design and Vitesse Design and partly due to the manufacturing quality, fit and finish.
TwoSun Knives are also available on Amazon.

Moreover - check out the Venom II and other original design models from Kevin John.These are known for their exceptional fit and finish (highest level of CNC, materials and knife manufacturing in total). It really is a thing you need to try to understand.

Other than that - GearBest also have a huge sale on this date, so might be worth it to check the knives they have on sale as well, especially the known and loved Ganzo, Sanrenmu and HX Outdoors models.

Happy shopping!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Fake (Knife) News Ep.1! Spyderco Delica, Benchmade 940 Osborne, 810 Contego

Hi and welcome into our new section - Fake (Knife) News!

In these posts we will talk about the new counterfeit knives that have hit the Chinese platforms (and Wish apparently) so you will be aware that these clones exist and know how to identify them from the genuine knives.

As many of you already know I've been helping folks for a few years now to identify if their knives are in fact fake (or just poor quality genuine ones) so I do have some knowledge in this area.

Today I will present 3 models that haven't been cloned in the past (at least not in this configuration) and are really similar to the genuine knives so will be really hard to recognize, especially from pictures online.
BTW - the listed pics of the fakes are edited to conceal the logos and the trademarks of the geniune knives, as well as the locks (locking folding knives are prohibited on AliExpress).

1. Spyderco C11 Delica - Surprisingly haven't been cloned for a really long time (especially since all the other FRN models from the same series such as the Endura, Matriarch and Dragonfly have been available for a few years now), so from now on we'll have to be careful about the C11 as well.
The tell in this case (just like with all the other FRN models) is the writing on the blade - engraved on the genuine, laser etched on the fake, plus they didn't clone all the available colors, so orange and purple are good to go.
BTW - it seems to be lighter than the genuine (2.25 oz vs 2.5 on the genuine).

Could be seen here:
Fake Spyderco Delica on AliExpress

Fake Spyderco Delica on DHGate
Genuine Spyderco Delica

2. Benchmade 940 Osborne - The CF version (940-1) have been available for quite some time now, but now it's aluminum sister joints it in the fakeland.
The thing with these BM counterfeits is that they are really hard to identify (the 940-1 could be easily identified by the color of the standoff and the positioning of the logo) so you will have to compare it with the pictures of the genuine knife.
Also there will be differences in the finishing and other parts.
The weight seems to be exactly the same though (82g/2.9oz).
Could be seen here:
Fake Benchmade 940 Osborne on AliExpress

Fake Benchmade 940 Osborne on DHGate
Genuine Benchmade 940 Osborne

3. Benchmade 810 Contego - Just like with the 940-1 the blacked out counterfeit of the Contego have been available for a while, but now they've done the Knifeworks exclusive black-blue M390 one as well. Be aware of this fact and compare pics with the genuine knife after you get it.

Weight wise the fake one is heavier (173g vs 167 on the genuine).
Could be seen here:
Fake Benchmade 810 Contego on AliExpress

That's it for the first episode of the Fake (Knife) News.
Please tell me in the comments if you like the concept and I will keep making them if there will be a demand for them.
Cheers and beware!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Ganzo Firebird FH11 Unleashed - Moving Forward!

The newest model from Ganzo Firebird - the FH11 have been finally released to the popular Chinese platforms and I wanted to make a quick overview of the model once I got some info on it.

First of all I'd like to state I was really impressed by all the new features that Ganzo Firebird have implemented in the newer model and I believe I got a really good clue to why that was made possible.

Probably the most talked about attribute is the fact that this knife runs on bearings.
I mean Ganzo had numerous knives that had the same pivot system, but this is the first time their knife has the bearings+linerlock combo which is a niche they haven't operated in before, but they've apparently done a good job, as the action of this knife is on par with some of the other budget knives that run on SS bearings.

Next up we have the inset liners build, which I generally prefer over the regular "sandwich" construction as it makes the knife sit more comfortably in the hand (hand touches only one material), smoother surface (no gap at all between the materials) and it also makes the knife lighter (which is great because the liners aren't skeletonized).

Few more updated features include the exposed standoff for the lanyard (which I also prefer to the regular method cause less holes on a blade is generally better) and the deep carry pocket clip, which suspiciously reminds me of the one used by Ruike knives and other members of that group plus other Chinese factories.

And of course they use a new steel that they have never used before - D2 instead of their regular 440C on a drop-point style blade with a flipper tab thin stock and very decent thin grind.

The fact that so many features were updated in this one brings me to the idea that Ganzo have established a partnership with another factory that they have never worked with prior to releasing this model, and these are great news IMO as we could see more of these upgraded Ganzos with a budget price tag and all of our favorite features that we wished for so long to have in our affordable EDC users/beaters.

The knife comes in 3 color/scale options (black G10, blue G10 and CF laminate).

Blade Length: 3.46"/88mm
Overall Length: 8.2"/208mm
Blade thickness: 3.3mm
Weight: 3.95 oz/112g

Check it out here (PayPal friendly): Ganzo Firebird FH11 GearBest
Or here (Free worldwide shipping): Ganzo Firebird FH11 AliExpress
Cheapest so far: Ganzo Firebird FH11 on eBay

Competitive options:

Ruike Hussar
Kershaw Concierge

Friday, August 31, 2018

Knives to get during the AliExpress Shopping Week Sale!

Today is the last day of the AliExpress Shopping Week sale and a last chance to check out some of the knives sold on this site with significant discounts.
Please notice - many knives on this sale appear as if they don't have a lock in the seller's description, but in reality the pictures are edited because of the AliExpress regulations (selling locking knives is prohibited on the platform but if the lock is edited out it's apparently OK).

So, first of all - check out the Kizer AliExpress Store.

Many folks thought it is going to be a Kizer clone store, only to find out it the knives were 100% genuine and have great quality.
Usually prices are similar to US discount prices, but great deals also could be found there during this sale, especially on the budget Vanguard models.
Big plus is the free worldwide shipping, that could be specially attractive for non-US folks.
I already bought a few from them and can state these are genuine new Kizer knives (verified) and will be eligible for Kizer's warranty.

Other great offerings come from the TwoSun brand

These have become very popular lately, partly due to their newer futuristic (original) designs by Night Morning Design and Vitesse Design and partly due to the manufacturing quality, fit and finish.
TwoSun Knives are also available on Amazon.

Also - Check out the Venom 2 and other original design models from Kevin John.These are known for their exceptional fit and finish (highest level of CNC, materials and knife manufacturing in total).It really is a thing you need to try to understand. 

I'd also like to point out the X-750 knife X-650, great new offerings from the Yon Xanadu brand that have great price tag during this sale.

Happy shopping!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Newest Ganzo Firebird Models FB762 and FB763 have reached Gearbest!

2 newest and highly anticipated Ganzo models - the FB762 and the FB763 have finally reached Gearbest and seem to be even better (IMO) than advertised by Ganzo a while before the release.

First of all they continue the line of original designs (although we can notice some influence from other knives, but that is practically inevitable in today's market), but not enough to be called clones and even homages.

Second of all - they continue to listen to their customers and FINALLY dropped the blue hardware that was kind of annoying at this point (still hope they will master black hardware some day) and installed deep carry pocket clips on the FB762.

And finally - the FB model name theory have been finally confirmed, so they do come with ball bearings in the pivot and have smooth action out of the box.

Check out the knives here (Specs in the lower right corner):

1. Ganzo Firebird FB7621

They have actually released one more model under the Firebird brand which is the Ganzo F713M (indicating that this is a part of their older series).
If you noticed this is actually an OEM version of another knife - the SOG Salute Mini, but without all of the SOG billboarding all over the knife (which is an advantage IMO).
At this point I have no doubt Ganzo are the OEM factory for SOG.
BTW - the full size (SOG Salute) version is also in the works.
Check the knife out here: Ganzo Firebird F713M