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Friday, May 19, 2017

Boker Plus Kwaiken CF Clone Knife Review!

I have received this knife a few weeks ago and would like to present you my impressions of it.

The knife came in a Boker+ branded black cardboard box with magnetic closure, looks very much like the genuine one.
It arrived sharp and no issues out of the box in terms of centering, bladeplay, smoothness, fit and finish.

- Improved design - unlike the genuine one, this knife has a few features that make it even better in terms of design and features IMO.
These features include skeletonized liners (makes it almost 20g lighter at 107g vs 123 on the genuine), straight flipper tab shape and gimping, beadblasted pocket clip, ceramic ball bearings in a metal shell instead of the IKBS and stonewashed finish on the D2 blade.
- Great overall quality - the knife had no issues out of the box and didn't develop any since.
- The smoothness and the action - the knife is very smooth, blade drops freely without any bladeplay.
- The great Kwaiken design, where the blade is completely covered by the handle, it almost doesn't look like a knife at all, fits great for EDC. It also looks awesome and dressy with the CF scales.
- Ergonomics are good and will probably fit most hand sizes and the CF scales are not polished and provide a decent grip.
- The knife had a bit of sand-in-bearings like noise when opening and closing, disassembly and cleaning sorted that out.
- The original logo is on the blade, would very much like this to be a sterile knife.

This knife is a great option for a slim gentleman EDC carry. Although not cheap, it provides a great value for money, especially with the added features, that make it at least as good as the original knife, if not better.
BTW - there is also a newer G10 version that goes for less, while keeping most of the features of this knife.

Check out the CF version here: Boker Kwaiken CF Clone
The budget G10 version here: Boker Kwaiken G10 Clone
Genuine CF Boker Plus Kwaiken here: Genuine CF Boker Plus Kwaiken
Or here: Genuine CF Boker Plus Kwaiken

Boker Plus Kwaiken CF Clone Knife Review!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Newest Z T Clones on AliExpress - ZT0460 and ZT0427 Budget Model!

Just a short update on the newest Z T clones that are out on AliExpress, both have design that resembles knives from Dmitri Sinkevich.
If you are against clones - watch out, if you like clones - enjoy! :)
BTW - as it happens a lot on AliExpress, the locks are edited out to comply with Ali knife laws, but both of these knives have fully functioning locks.

1. Z T 0460:

A pretty new model from Z T, that resembles the Mini Poluchetkiy Custom from Sinkevich.
The big plus of the clone, is that they used a regular carbon fiber for the scale instead of that brown colored one used by ZT (that many of their  fans didn't particularly like).
Other than that it has ti frame and D2 blade.
Can't say at this point if the CF scale is going to fit the genuine knife.

Check it out here: Z T 0460 Clone
Genuine Zero Tolerance ZT0460 Knife: Genuine Zero Tolerance ZT0460

2. Z T 0427 (Budget G10 Version):

A premium clone version of the 0427 is available for a while now on Ali (although it resembled the Sinkevich Do Custom more than 0427) with M390 blade and full ti handle.
Now they have made a budget G10 version, that has nested steel liners and a liner lock.
It also features ball bearings and 2 tone finish on the D2 blade.

Check it out here: Z T 0427 Clone (Budget G10 Version)
Genuine Zero Tolerance knives here: Genuine Zero Tolerance Knives

And, as a bonus - check out this Glow in the Dark EDC Knuckle from the same store.

Friday, May 12, 2017

EDCGEAR Titanium Box Cutter/Utility Knife Review!

I've received this one a while ago, carried it quite a bit and now I'm ready to do a review on it.

The knife arrived in a pretty fancy cardboard box (that had a cutout for a coin knife, but fitted for this knife as well), no issues out of the box.


- Great for EDC. The knife is pretty light and compact, will fit a key chain or that small pocket in jeans (that's where I've been caring it), thus leaving more room in your main pockets.

It also features a magnet, that holds the blade (providing sort of a detent) in the closed position, enabling added security from accidental cuts (works great).
- The blade is a standard and genuine OLFA one, which are known for their quality (keeps very good edge for a slim utility style blade). This also means it will be pretty easy to find a replacement if needed.

- Nice fit, finish and design - the cutouts are chamfered,  the scales fit great, has gimping on both sides and the button that add to the grip. Also has comfortable one-hand opening.
- Made from real TC4 titanium alloy (feels light in hand).

- The knife will be legal to carry in places, where locking blades are prohibited (such as UK), because the knife has no lock and you need to keep your finger on the button in order to keep it open while cutting (which is surprisingly pretty comfortable). It is also a people friendly knife and probably won't scare anyone when deployed and used.
- Another useful feature is the ability to get only the tip of the blade out to perform controlled cuts (for opening clam shell packages).


- The finish on the ti is satin, which allows it to be scratched easily and for the scratches to be visible.
I would prefer a stonewashed finish for that reason (maybe will do it myself).

- Because of the magnet detent, the back of the blade rubs on it on the way out and back in and that leaves a scratch. Not a huge issue and doesn't hurt the functionality.
- The cutting edge is pretty short (2cm/ a bit less than an inch), so won't be useful for tasks where a longer blade is needed (like food prep).


- Overall a great concept for a one-handed opening box cutter/backup blade, which is EDC'able, safe, legal, people friendly, and useful, especially in an office environment. I've found myself caring it more and more because of those qualities.

Got the knife here: EDCGEAR Titanium Box Cutter/Utility Knife
Other folding box cutters/utility knives here: Folding Box Cutters/Utility Knives

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Wild Boar Umnumzaan Clone - Not Recommended!

I bought this one, because I wanted to try the design, to see the quality levels of the older clones and compare those to the newer ones.

Well, I can say that this knife is definitely not recommended for purchase, mainly because of the many different issues with tolerances, fit and finish - the action out of the box is very bad, it had blade play to both directions and occasional lock stick, mirror finish and the grind on the blade are done poorly and the grind is very thick, almost to the point that it doesn't cut.

I have managed to improve it a bit by polishing the washers and tweaking the pivot, but most issues weren't gone and it still had problems with the action and lockup.

So, from one side I'm pretty upset about the quality of this knife, from the other side, I'm impressed by the huge leap the Chinese made in their knife making, because the newer clones and other knives are done much better and most of them don't have issues on that level.

Some of the features of the knife:
It has milled bead blasted ti handles (it's best quality), allegedly D2 blade (don't think it really is, seems more like something in the 440 range), bronze washers, oversized proprietary pivot (constantly unscrews), and big ceramic detent ball, which also is the contact point between the framelock and the blade.

Bought the knife here: Umnumzaan Clone
Check out original Chris Reeve Umnumzaan here: Genuine Chris Reeve Umnumzaan
More Chris Reeve Knives here: Genuine Chris Reeve Knives

Sunday, May 7, 2017

New Knives on AliExpress - Mini CH Knives 3504, UK Legal and more!

So a new wave of knives has hit AliExpress and I would like to present you some of my picks.
BTW - I have decided to put a sticky post right under my social accounts post, where I will publish new knives that will appear on the platforms, so please stay tuned and follow the blog for updates.

1. The new mini version of the CH 3504 (skull flipper) has been presented:
This version has some differences over the previous one.
First of all the skull was replaced by horizontal lines.
The steel has also been changed to AUS-8.
It will come in 3 anodization options.

Check out the CH3504 Mini here: CH Knives 3504 Mini

2. New Friction Folder Ti Cleaver:
The Chinese makers have suddenly started to make more and more friction folders.
One of those is a new Ti Cleaver, which has that small-but-overbuilt style.
Pretty cool unique (?) design, that can be specifically practical in places where locking knives are prohibited.
EDIT: Turns out it is a clone after all, the originals are made by @justin_silvers on IG, check out his work.

Check it out here: Friction Folder Ti Cleaver
More friction folders could be found here: Friction Folders

3. Spyderco style friction folders:
The only thing copied here is the Spyderco's round hole, the knives has no markings and of course no lock.
What it does however have is 2 blade styles and 2 wood color choices.

Check them out in this shop: Spyderco style friction folders
Genuine Spyderco Friction Folder is sold here: Spyderco Friction Folder

4. Spyderco Positron clone:
This knife is interesting, because the Chinese have made it a lot bigger than the genuine model (3.75'/95mm blade).
I don't know if it was intentional, but this is a good thing IMO, because the genuine model is a bit too small to my taste.

Check it out here: Spyderco Positron Clone
Genuine Spyderco Positron here: 
Genuine Spyderco Positron

5. LDT Zieba G2 Style budget front flipper - G10 version:
This clone has been around for a while in it's ti framelock variant (made by CH knives), but now LDT have stepped up and made a G10 linerlock version of the same knife, this time with 9Cr18MoV blade.

Check it out here: LDT Zieba G2 Style Front Flipper

Friday, May 5, 2017

Sanrenmu Land 910 G10 Version Review!

I finally received this knife and would like to do a short review on it.

The knife came in a plain white thin cardboard box.
Out of the box the knife is sharp and has no bladeplay at all.
The centering is a little bit off, but it's not touching the liner.
No fit and finish issues (other than the centering).

- Great action. The blade rides on ball bearings and is very smooth (falls shut into the handle).

- Good ergos. It is smaller than the genuine model (the Sebenza 21), but has similar ergos for my middle sized hand.
- Loved the blue accents on the thumbstud and the lanyard tube.
- Also liked the satin finish on the blade, the rounded spine (with the thick tip) and the fact that one of the liners is skeletonized to reduce weight.

- The blade steel is Sandvik 12C27, which is a nice change from the MoV steels, keeps good edge and is comparable to Ganzo's 440C.

Cons (and suggestions for improvement):
-  As I've mentioned before - the centering. Couldn't tweak it to center without messing up the lockup. Not a big issue, but it's always nicer when the blade is perfectly centered. 

- The G10 feels dry and is very grippy. I think I would have preferred a smoother finish on that.
(EDIT: the G10 pattern on the black version is different and is a bit smoother (more similar to the G10 pattern on Ganzo knives)).

- The pocket clip is a polished stainless imitation of the Sebenza clip. Works good, but could have been better with a different style one (like a deep carry foldover).

In summary:
Great budget all-around, nothing fancy, worker's blade, one that will fill most tasks needed from an EDC knife and one that you won't baby (because of the price and the construction). Good liner-lock alternative to Ganzo knives and a way to try the Sebenza's ergos and blade in action.
I hope that after making a name for themselves with this one, Sanrenmu Land will continue to cheer us with the same quality of construction, but other, more interesting and original designs.

The knife could be found here: Sanrenmu Land 910 Plus
More Sanrenmu knives with fast US Shipping: Sanrenmu Knives
The Genuine Chris Reeve Sebenza 21 here: Chris Reeve Sebenza 21

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Rike Knives 1701 (RK1508) 2nd Anniversary Model Review!

I have received the Rike 1701 and would like to share with you a quick review of it.
The knife was sold on the Chinese platforms (bought mine from AliExpress) for ~$135.
The shipping was pretty quick, received it in about 3 weeks since the order.
This model is a budget version of Rike's 1508s integral model (which is much more expensive) and was produced to celebrate 2 years since the original model was out on the market.

First impressions:
The knife arrived in a great quality black knife pouch, with a branded microfiber cloth.
No quality issues out of the box - the blade is sharp and centered, no blade play whatsoever (feels like a fixed blade), fit and finish are close to perfect.
I was generally very impressed with the quality and the looks of the knife.
One thing I could mention as a negative - the knife had very hard detent (it was really difficult to get it to flip) and it wasn't very smooth - I will elaborate on that later.

The knife is really well made, I could say that the quality level is higher than any other knife I ever had in the collection. The milling and all the lines are close to perfection, the coating on the blade and handle is even, I mean I don't have a single thing to mention as a bad thing about the fit and the finish (which doesn't happen often).
Usually the first thing I do when I get a knife from China is to disassemble it to clean on the inside (or at least adjust the pivot to tweak the action). With this one - it isn't needed, as the pivot was adjusted perfectly from the factory and didn't come loose a bit since then (even after lots of flipping).

The design. The knife has a unique, futuristic look to it and all of the detail work (the milling, exposure of lines through the coating and the grinds) make it look even better.
Even though the blade has a length of 3.75", the knife feels more compact in the pocket due to the overall slim profile.
The pocket clip is also designed and made very well, not a deep carry one, but is deep enough to show only the tip of the knife and made to look as a black pen clip. It also has just the right amount of flexibility.

Ergos are also great for my middle sized hand in all kinds of grips and the balance is right in the middle, which makes the knife to feel lighter than it is in the hand.
It is really noticeable, that it took quite a bit of time to design the different aspects of the knife and that it wasn't made on a whim.  

There are only two things I felt negative about in this knife:
1. As I've mentioned before - the action out of the box wasn't great and the detent was too hard.

There were few reasons for that - the lockbar pushed too hard, the coating on the blade and the fact that the knife came dry (especially in the detent ball area).
After detecting those problems, I lubed the detent ball and started to break the knife in and it worked great. The knife became smoother with every flip and I can say by now (after about a week of flipping) it became very smooth, to the point of almost free-dropping.
So that turned out to be OK, but keep that in mind when you receive this one.

2. The weight. I mean it isn't heavy, but the handles aren't milled on the inside and if they were - it could be really cool. So not necessarily a bad thing, but a suggestion for improvement.

The guys who still say all knives made in China are crap and not worth it.

This model isn't sold on AliExpress anymore, but there is a new one with CF inlays, which make the knife less heavy.
Check it out here (a trusted seller, I bought this knife from): Rike 1701CF

More Rike Knives are sold here: Rike Knives

Sunday, April 30, 2017

New and Back in Stock Ganzo Knives on GearBest - F753M1CF and G8012 Fixed Blade!

Just a short update on new knives that popped up on GB.

First is a new (but kind of expected) version of one of the most interesting knives from Ganzo in recent time - the F753M1 - the F753M1 CF!
The new version kept the same standoff construction, but now comes with Ganzo Carbon Fiber + G10 laminate scales, which is always a great option.

Check it out here: Ganzo F753M1CF

Also, check out Ganzo Knives on Amazon for faster US shipping: Ganzo Knives

Second is a model that was out of stock for some time, but is now making a big comeback - the Ganzo G8012 fixed blade (now seems to come with additional color options).
It features great all-around sheath with a sharpener, fire stone and a rope cutter built into it.

Check out this fixed blade here: Ganzo G8012Or here: Ganzo G8012

As a bonus-  one more item on GB, that doesn't come from Ganzo, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did - a modular folding survival shovel, that could be great to take on a field trip, as it features a knife, saw, firesteel, hammer and more cool features in addition to the shovel itself.

Check out the shovel here:
Folding Shovel