Friday, September 1, 2017

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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Ganzo Firebird F753M1 G753M1 - Best Ganzo EDC Knife yet?

This knife has finally reached me (was sent by GearBest through Azerbaijan as part of their new shipping method).

First Impressions:

- Knife have arrived in a standard Firebird box with a microfiber branded pouch. No issues out of the box - centering, lockup, action all close to perfect (definite improvement over other Ganzo Firebird models I had).

The Good:

- Quality out of the box - I was really impressed with this, especially since I had to work on the other ones I had (including the F7533) lube it and tweak the action for them to work right. With this one it feels different, which is great, cause disassembling an Axis Lock knife isn't the most pleasant experience. It is also pretty impressive, since they didn't really changed anything in the basic construction (still 2 washers - 1 nylon and 1 bronze), so either I got a great piece or Ganzo have improved their tolerances and quality levels.

- The action and the Axis Lock - One thing that certainly feels different from the other, larger models is the lesser tension of the omega springs in the lock and the blade tang geometry, which improve the action and the overall experience from this knife and make it feel almost as a genuine Axis lock from Benchmade.
- Other honorable mentions - open-back construction on standoffs and smaller, more comfortable thumb studs.

The Great:

- The fact, that in opposite from some of the major knife brands Ganzo Firebird listen to their customer's requests and finally made a smaller and lighter 3'' version of their larger model,  and that is a beautiful thing IMO.

The Bad;

- One thing I could mention is the satin finished pocket clip. If this one had a black one, or even better a deep carry one, I would love this blade even more.

The Ugly:

- Not going to make stuff up - nothing ugly at all about this blade.


- This is hands down the best quality Ganzo knife I ever handled and definitely my most liked one.
It feels different (in a better way) than the larger version that I had (the F7533) and the closest to a genuine Benchmade knife.
The fact that it is significantly smaller and lighter will make it a great option for a budget EDC knife that you will not be afraid to use (because of the low price).
I am excited to see Ganzo improve and will definitely expect more smaller knives in the M series and maybe even some original designs from these guys.

Check out the knife here (
G10 version): Ganzo Firebird G753M1
CF version here: Ganzo Firebird G753M1 CF

BTW - GearBest are having a big sale these days, checkout the promotion here:
Knife offers
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Ganzo Firebird F753M1 G753M1 - Best EDC Ganzo yet?

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Lionsteel KUR G10 D2 Clone Knife Review

Got this knife a while ago and decided to do a short review on it.

First impressions:
- The knife arrived in a Lionsteel branded cardboard box.
Out of the box there were a few issues - the action wasn't smooth and it wasn't 100% centered. Lockup was good and so was the sharpness.
Also, it seems that the person that sharpened this knife missed a bit and sharpened a part of the recasso as well on one side.
I disassembled the knife, cleaned it on the inside and assembled it again, the centering improved and so did the action.
How to tell the clone from the genuine knife:
On the clone the torx screws are on the linerlock side and on the original they are on the show side.

- The design. This knife has a great design from Molletta, thus has great ergonomics and looks.
It is designed as a hard use folder and certainly looks up to the task.
- The build. It has very thick 3D shaped G10 scales with nested skeletonized steel liners, thick linerlock and a pretty thick blade, so will definitely could handle hard survival tasks. No blade play whatsoever in any direction.
- Opening is quick and easy with the flipper tab.
- The details. Here are the real advantages of this knife - rounded ti backspacer, rounded spine, gimping, the lock opening, screws and deep carry reversible wire pocket clip - all of those make this knife unique and very interesting.

- Like mentioned before, my knife had an issue where the part of the recasso was sharpened. Not a big issue for a user blade but still a finish problem.
- The action. Although it rides on ceramic bearings and the action improved after the cleaning - it still isn't as smooth as some of the other blades I have that run on bearings (doesn't fall shut).
- The clip has a bit side-to-side play.
- Has original logo and markings.

- Overall this isn't a blade to keep on a shelf or in a box with the rest of the collection, this just won't do it justice. It is a blade that is designed and intended to be hard used and abused and I'm sure it will take a licking and keep on ticking.
Because of the build and the ergonomics, this knife became my go-to blade for tasks that require use of force and it has performed very well since.

Check out the knife here: Lionsteel KUR Clone
The original is sold here: Geniune Lionsteel KUR
More Lionsteel knives are sold here: Lionsteel knives

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

ZKC Titanium Fidget Spinner - Best EDC Fidget Spinner Yet?

I received this fidget spinner from Fasttech and would like to tell you my thoughts about it.

First impressions:
The spinner arrived in a plain tin box.
No issues out of the box, spins freely and easily.

- It's best qualities are the size (2.25"/6cm), weight (1.17oz/33.3g) and the way it carries in the pocket.
Truly one of the best spinners to carry around that I ever owned.

- Overall looks, design, fit and finish.
Just loved the simple ti bar style, the stonewashed finish (hides scratches), the ti buttons and the added gimping on the sides for additional grip.

- The sound. This spinner is pretty quiet both when carried in the pocket and while spinning.
- Easy to spin one-handed.

- Because of the pretty low weight, this isn't going to be the longest spinning spinner out there, but it still provides a solid 3 minute spinning time till full stop.

- Overall one of the best spinners I had till now, definitely the best to carry around in the pocket (probably because it was designed by a knife company).
I also appreciate the finish that hides scratches and gives the spinner character over time and the ease and fun to spin it one-handed.
Great option for a non-expensive ti fidget spinner.

Check out the spinner here: ZKC Titanium EDC Fidget Spinner
More Ti spinners here: Titanium Fidget Spinners

ZKC Titanium Fidget Spinner - Best EDC Fidget Spinner Yet?

Monday, June 12, 2017

Jiaheng JH04 Axis Lock G10 D2 Folder Review

I have received the Jiaheng JH04 that I ordered in a flash sale I wrote about earlier and would like to present you my review of it.

First impressions:
The knife arrived in a Jiaheng branded cardboard box.
No issues out of the box - the blade is dead centered, no bladeplay at all, the action on bearings is smooth from the start and it arrived sharp.

Overall the knife reminded me very much of another knife I had a while ago - the Y-Start Jin02 and I suspect it was made in the same factory, by the same people and from the same materials, thus shares many of the pros and cons of the Jin.

- Just like the Jin, the knife has great blade dropping action right out of the box, and that is achieved by using ball bearings as the pivot mechanism. They also really did it right with the tang geometry, thus the knife also opens fast and has a nice detent.

- Overall quality. Like I've already mentioned in first impressions - the knife had no quality issues at all out of the box and it seems won't develop any in the future.
- Design. The Jiaheng knife resembles overall another Axis lock knife - the Benchmade 470 Amicus/Arcane, so it borrows the great ergonomics and overall looks.
Can't be called a clone IMO, because it has too many differences - thumb stud opening and not an assisted flipper, different materials and execution.
It also has skeletonized steel liners, Shiro style pivot screw and deep carry pocket clip, which is a significant improvement over the Jin.

- Blade steel. The blade has D2 marking on it, but I suspect it might have 9Cr18MoV, which is great for EDC carry (doesn't rust or stain) and keeps an edge pretty well.

- The biggest con (just like on the Jin) was the pretty stiff Axis lock (hard omega springs), that also has steep edges, thus is a bit uncomfortable to use right out of the box.
My solution to that was to stick some toothpicks in the lock until it was fully disengaged, spray it with WD40 and leave it like this for about a day. After that the lock became a lot softer and much easier to use.

- Another con is the weight of the knife (119g/4.2oz), that although having skeletonized liners, still feels a bit heavier than it should.

- Overall this is a great option for a budget, but well made and functioning EDC carry, a true rival for Ganzo (has few undeniable advantages).

If you had the Jin 02 and liked it, you will probably like the JH even more.

I bought mine from here: Jiaheng JH04 knife
Jin 02 is sold here: Y-Start Jin02

More axis lock knives here: Axis Lock knives

Jiaheng JH04 Axis Lock G10 D2 Folder Review

Thursday, June 8, 2017

New Knife from CH Knives - The CH3507 with M390 Blade!


Just a short update on a new model from CH Knives - the 3507 with M390 steel blade.

After the budget mini 3504 with AUS-8 steel, they decided to go premium, but to keep the price budget ($135), making it one of the most affordable knives with M390.

Other specs are similar to what we have got used to from CH - ti handle, single row ceramic bearings, 96mm (3.75") blade and 132g (4.65 oz) weight.

Looks pretty cool and I would like to get one, especially with that price for M390 steel.

Check it out here from a trusted seller: New CH Knives CH3705

New Knife from CH Knives - The CH3507 with M390 Blade!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Kubey Knives on Amazon - Are they a scam?

Well, kind of.

If you order those on Amazon - they will be sent to you and could be used just like any other knife.

But the question is - who makes the knives and where do those knives come from?

The answer seems to be - they order Chinese knives without the original logo from companies such as Enlan, Sanrenmu, CH Knives, other generic unbranded Chinese knives or even clones, re-brand those (laser etch their logo on the blade) and sell for much higher price than the cost of delivering those knives directly from China.

Few examples:

CH Knives 3001 Parallel  vs  Kubey Knives D2 Steel Ball Bearing EDC Pocket Knife

Exact same knife, but the CH costs $53 and Kubey $66.

Sanrenmu 7063 vs KUBEY Axis Lock Mini EDC Pocket Knife with Clip
Again - $8.73 for the Sanrenmu vs $12.99 for the Kubey.

F3 clone from AliExpress vs KUBEY Tactical Assisted Opening Edc Pocket Folding Knife

And I could show you more examples and find almost every Kubey knife in stock for a lot cheaper on other platforms that ship directly from China.

But that is only half of the problem.
The other half seems to be their shady business practices.
I got this e-mail a few days ago from Jerry Fu, who seems to be the head of the company:
Hi friend, this is Jerry from China. Our brands is KUBEY, which is mainly produce various folding knifes for outdoor. I am viewing your Youtube channel, there are many excellent videos on your channel. So I want to collaborate with you. Can you make video for our product and give me a good review on amazon? We can provide the best service for you and refund to you by paypal. If you are interested in our product please contact me as soon as possible. I am waiting your messages. Thank you!"

As you can see, they will refund you on Paypal, but only if you make a good video review about them and give them a good review on Amazon.
I thought that is just their request at first, but then I found out they truly don't refund you the money if you give an honest review about their knife (that is exactly what happened to my good friend Jimislash on Youtube).

So, next time you will be shopping for knives on Amazon and see a Kubey knife - think twice if you want to support those practices.

Kubey Knives on Amazon - Are they a scam?

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Asymmetric Fixed Blade Clone Knife Review!

After lots of folder reviews its fixed blade review time!
I received this one about a month ago from AliExpress seller LDT.
It arrived in a plain black cardboard box (wasn't damaged at all during shipping).
The knife arrived without fit and finish flaws, pretty sharp (but not razor sharp), sheath also arrived in good condition without any immediate flaws.


- The freaking awesome Alexey Konygin design. This is one of those knives, that are designed so perfectly, that it is great aesthetically, ergonomically, but also have an original design, three things that are very hard to combine in one knife.

- The fit, finish and overall quality of the knife and a sheath. No issues at all, all the edges are smooth, the fit is exceptional, the grind and finish on the blade are amazing for the price.
- The materials. The blade is made of D2 steel and has full tang construction. The handle is a sandwich of thin later of real 3D machined carbon fiber (not like the Ganzo stuff). glued to black G10 and then glued to white G10. I also liked the blue accents around the screws that the Chinese added to the original design.
- Sheath is awesome, its made from 2 pieces of kydex (not folded) and made really well, including the kydex belt loop (I believe it could be easily replaced with a Tek-Lok).
- The blade geometry is unique and also practical, especially for cutting on a board.
- Ergonomics and balance are great.
- Pretty low price for this quality and materials.


- As I've said, I really like the design of this knife, but if I could add something to it -  it would be some gimping on the top of the blade to add a little more traction.
- The knife didn't arrive razor sharp and it seems it was sharpened to a pretty steep angle. I mean it cuts good, but for it to cut great a little sharpening could be needed.

- The ergos are close to perfect for my middle sized hand, but for people with XL sized hands this knife may be a little small.


This knife is really exceptional in terms of design, quality, fit and finish, but the best part about it is that it is a real eye candy (I feel like it is almost too pretty to use), that will look great in the collection, pictures and videos. It will probably impress fellow knife lovers and non-knife people with its design and definitely one of the prettiest budget fixed blades out there (definitely prettier than a Mora).
As a user, it could be great with light and medium cutting tasks, like it's intended purpose - outdoor kitchen knife but it's not intended to be taken to a war.
I am really pleased with it, especially for the price.

Check it out here: Asymmetric Fixed Blade Clone Knife
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Other Fixed Blade knives here: Fixed Blade Knives

Asymmetric Fixed Blade Clone Knife Review!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Sanrenmu 7094 LTX Review - Good budget SAK Alternative!

I have received this knife and am ready to do a short review on it:

It arrived in a branded thin cardboard box, without any issues - all blades were centered, no bladeplay on the locking tools (blade and saw), main blade was very sharp.


- Good execution, fit and finish. All works exactly how it should. The thing that did surprise me for the best was the smoothness in the deployment of the main blade (runs on washers) using both methods (flipper and thumb stud).

- The design. It is stated on the blade that it is designed by WindRunner and it is pretty clear that someone who knows something about design had something to do with this knife.
First of all I liked the concept - a multi-tool style knife, but with an appealing (and not pen like SAK style blades) and locking blade, locking saw and a glass-breaker at the tip. 

In addition, the black parts of the handle are rubberized and provide additional grip.
- The tool selection is also pretty good - main blade, saw, cutting hook + Philips head, bottle opener + flat head and a glass breaker at the tip, most of the usable stuff.
- This knife is pretty compact and feels too small for my medium sized hand, but it will probably be a great fit for a smaller (or a child's) hand.
- The knife has a pocket clip but it is tip down only.
- The Philips head screwdriver is not of the best quality and the saw couldn't be pulled out with 1 hand.

In summary:

- This tool is really well made and designed for the price (despite the pretty small drawbacks) and  would be a great alternative to a Swiss Army Knife, especially when looking for a compact budget user option for people with small hands.

It will also suit children or teenagers who are in the Scouts or they are doing any other outdoor activity, because of the size of the handle and because of the locking tools.
I wish I had a knife like this when I was growing up. 

Check out the knife here: Sanrenmu 7094 LTX
Swiss Army Knives here: Swiss Army Knives

Boker+ SAK Alternative here: Boker Plus Tech Tool

Sanrenmu 7094 LTX Review - Good budget SAK Alternative!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

EDC Fidget Spinner-Knife or a Knife-Spinner is now available!

New and very interesting product has appeared - a knife, that also functions as a spinner (and vise versa).
So now, you can carry both of these functions in one relatively small and compact item.

The 2.7" blade of the knife is made from D2 steel, the handle is made from titanium and the pivot rides on ball bearings.
There are also built in caps from both sides of the handle for the spinner function.

Total weight is 117g/4.12 oz.
Unlike the prototype that has been already presented, this version has a wharncliffe blade, which will probably make it applicable for more tasks.

The opening method is still a flipper on the back of the blade.
They have also added gimping that will provide extra grip. 

Check it out here: New EDC Knife-Spinner
More cool small knives are available here: Cool Small Knives