Friday, December 29, 2017

How to tell a fake Shirogorov 110b clone knife from the real one

First and most important tell is the female of the pivot screw - the real one is flat (or slightly raised), while the fake one has the screw in the middle that controls the pivot screw (system that could be found on other Shiro knives). Second tell is the steel - Green Thorn 110b clones were made only with M390 blade steel, so if it has Cronidur 30 or other mark of steel - it is probably genuine. Plus, Greet Thorn only made CF versions, so if the knife has G10 scales - you are probably good to go. Most genuine 110b's will have logo on the blade in adition to the logo on the bolster (which the clone doesn't have). Don't expect to distinguish the clone from the genuine judging by the quality alone - it is just as good as the genuine Shirogorov (almost 1:1). Knife is sold here: Green Thorn Fake 110B Genuine Shirogorov knives here: Genuine Shirogorov Knives

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