Saturday, December 23, 2017

BATTLE OF THE BUDGET TOOLS: Leatherman Wingman vs GANZO G302B!

The Leatherman tool is almost twice the price of the Ganzo (on flash sale), but has a great 25 year warranty.  So, I've got this tools for a long time and used both extensively through all of this time for DIY projects, gardening and moving.  

I can say that this combo worked the best for me as those tools seem to complete each other's flaws, such as the different driver bits (like them more than the Leatherman flat ones), locking tools, larger (thicker) pliers and removable cutter blades on the Ganzo and the large scissors, smaller size, lower weight and better sheath on the Leatherman.  

Leatherman Wingman is available here: Leatherman Wingman The Ganzo G302B here: Ganzo G302B
So I chose to own and use them both, which one would you choose? 

Video comparison of the 2:

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