Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Knives To Get in the Aliexpress Anniversary Sale - Original designs!

It is time to present my picks for the original designed knives that could be bought on AliExpress during their Anniversary Sale.

So, first of all - check out the Kizer AliExpress Store.

Many folks thought it is going to be a Kizer clone store, only to find out it the knives were 100% genuine and have great quality.
Some prices are similar to US discount prices, but great deals also could be found there, especially on the budget models.
Big plus is the free worldwide shipping, that could be specially attractive for non-US folks.
I already bought a few from them and can state these are genuine Kizer knives (verified).

Other great offerings come from the TwoSun brand.

I especially like their newer futuristic (original) designs by Night Morning Design and these have become very popular lately.
TwoSun Knives are also available on Amazon.
And eBay.

Also - Check out Genuine Maxace Knives here: Maxace Knives

I'd also like to point out the X-750 knife X-650, great new offerings from the Yon Xanadu brand.
Finally they are starting to listen and using those great CNC machines to produce original designs instead of the clones.

Happy shopping!

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