Tuesday, June 13, 2017

ZKC Titanium Fidget Spinner - Best EDC Fidget Spinner Yet?

I received this fidget spinner from Fasttech and would like to tell you my thoughts about it.

First impressions:
The spinner arrived in a plain tin box.
No issues out of the box, spins freely and easily.

- It's best qualities are the size (2.25"/6cm), weight (1.17oz/33.3g) and the way it carries in the pocket.
Truly one of the best spinners to carry around that I ever owned.

- Overall looks, design, fit and finish.
Just loved the simple ti bar style, the stonewashed finish (hides scratches), the ti buttons and the added gimping on the sides for additional grip.

- The sound. This spinner is pretty quiet both when carried in the pocket and while spinning.
- Easy to spin one-handed.

- Because of the pretty low weight, this isn't going to be the longest spinning spinner out there, but it still provides a solid 3 minute spinning time till full stop.

- Overall one of the best spinners I had till now, definitely the best to carry around in the pocket (probably because it was designed by a knife company).
I also appreciate the finish that hides scratches and gives the spinner character over time and the ease and fun to spin it one-handed.
Great option for a non-expensive ti fidget spinner.

Check out the spinner here: ZKC Titanium EDC Fidget Spinner
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ZKC Titanium Fidget Spinner - Best EDC Fidget Spinner Yet?

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