Friday, June 30, 2017

New Clone Knives on AliExpress and DHGate (Different price ranges) - Updating post!

Ok, so I have decided to create a post where I will write about new knives that appear on AliExpress and DHGate and update this post as new knives pop up (follow me on Facebook/Google+ to receive updates).

I will also post some pictures and give a few words of information if this will be needed (like info on the logos and locks that might be photoshopped in the pictures), real blade steel, some interesting facts about the knife or the original model, etc. You are also more than invited to give your opinion and ask questions in the comment section.

Please notice that some of the locks in the seller's pictures might be edited out to comply with AliExpress knife selling rules, but most of the knives in the lots have fully functioning locks (I will state otherwise).

Budget clones (under $60):

ZT0350 Clone - New clone, 3 color options.
Genuine Zero Tolerance 0350 could be found here: Genuine ZT0350

ZT0350 Clone - New clone, 3 color options.

Spyderco PITS Clone - New version of this interesting and special knife.
Genuine Spyderco PITS here: Genuine Spyderco PITS

Buck 110 Auto - Great dual action knife! I had one of those (without the filework) and it was excellent.

Fric Bric Clone - A clone of the popular, but unreleased Kickstarter campaign.
The campaign ended over a year ago, but people still haven't received the knives they paid for.

Microtech Nemesis OTF Clone - Single action OTF knife with liner lock and dagger blade.

Microtech Halo IV OTF Clone - Single action OTF knife with button lock and drop point blade.

Premium clones ($60+):

Strider TAD Dauntless Clone
- G10, Titanium and S35VN on the blade.

Strider TAD Dauntless Clone - G10, Titanium and S35VN on the blade.

Discontinued BM 710 CF Knife - The Chinese didn't waste any time and made this as soon at this got discontinued by the manufacturer.

New Versions of the F95 Flipper - New style and color options of the very popular clone.

Carbon Fiber Marfione Starlord - New CF version of the well made clone.
Carbon Fiber Marfione Starlord - New CF version of the well made clone.

Green Thorn Shiro F7 Clone - Very high quality premium knife made by Green Thorn.


  1. The steel on the 710 in carbon fiber is probably D2?

  2. Do you have any feedback from anyone on the CF Starlord or even on the Dauntless TAD S35VN knives. I'd be interested. Thanks

    1. Not yet on the TAD, but the CF Starlord is great.
      Please keep in mind that it is a pretty large and wide knife.