Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Dwaine Carrillo Tunnel Ratt Clone Review + vs Medford Praetorian Clone - Battle of Clone Beasts!

There is a segment in the knife world, where size and weight make no difference - the overbuilt hard use no nonsense folders, which are appreciated only for strength - strength and durability. These monsters are very popular and usually have a pretty high price-tag, so they are being cloned on regular basis.
One of those folders, that I owned, was the Praetorian clone and another, which I received  now is the Dwaine Carrillo Tunnel Ratt Clone, and I would like to compare them and make a review of the Ratt on the way.
I'll start with the things that are similar in both knives - they both have great lockup, pretty good action for a knife on washers, similar construction (steel frame + G10 scale) and approximate weight of 8oz (227g).
The Praetorian - has better finish (soother edges), is less thick behind the edge and sharper . 
The Tunnel Ratt - has better ergonomics (thicker handle and better gimping), thicker blade (6mm), and one handed opening (over sized thumb studs). It also has a far better pocket clip.
The looks are very subjective - some like the looks of the Praetorian, others prefer the Tunnel Ratt.

Verdict - both blades will serve you well, not as EDC knives, but as hard use folders.
Praetorian is slimmer and wider, while the Tunnel Ratt is chubbier.
If you care about one handed opening - Tunnel Ratt is the way to go.

If you live in a state/country, where one handed opening is prohibited - get the Praetorian.
Anyway - if you liked the one, you will most probably like the other.
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