Monday, January 9, 2017

Sinkevich Custom Koordinal Clone Titanium Framelock Flipper Knife - Another awesome design cloned!

Guess the Chinese makers really love Dmitri Sinkevich's designs.
Otherwise it will be hard to explain so many of his models being cloned lately with the best materials, including milled titanium, carbon fiber and M390 steel.
Ok, maybe not so hard to explain - everybody likes Sinkevich's designs.
He has made a long way from Belarus to the peak of knifemaking with the ZT collaboration.
Now there are 4 versions of clones of the design (all come without the logo):
1. The most premium version is the Vespa CF+Ti+M390, it is also the most expensive one.
2. Vespa Ti+M390 version, also has 3 row ceramic bearings.
3. Green Thorn Ti+D2 version - 4 color options and double row ceramic bearings.
4. Monkey G10+Steel linerlock version - the budget friendly version with steel bearings and 6 color options.

Vespa+Monkey models can be found here (Vespa Store): Vespa Sinkevich Custom Koordinal Clones
Green Thorn version here (Feng Store): Green Thorn Sinkevich Custom Koordinal Clone
Geniune Knives with Sinkevich's design sold here: Sinkevich designed knives

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