Saturday, January 28, 2017

Les George 0909 Tactical Flipper Knife Clone is now available!

Weekly Clone News!
The 0909 knife, which has a Les George style design is now available for sale on AliExpress.

The knife features black G-10 handles, a linerlock, bearings in the pivot and D2 (probably 9Cr18MoV) blade steel.
A good tactical option, if you need that extra strength.
Still would prefer it to not have an original logo on the blade.
If you only buy original knives - consider this as a  PSA - there are now ZT0909  clones on the market!

Check out the knife here: 0909 Knife Clone
The original model is sold here: Zero Tolerance ZT 0909 Les George Knife
Check out more genuine ZT knives here: Zero Tolerance ZT Knives

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