Monday, January 16, 2017

Emerson Super Karambit Clone Knife Review - Budget Tactical EDC Awesomeness!

I received this knife a few weeks ago, and I must say I am very impressed!
For <$15, it has pretty good fit, finish and overall quality.
Other pros:
- Good action out of the box, runs on nylon washers.

- Blade is centered, no blade play in any direction, has steel linerlock, which functions great.
- Wave feature works well, so does the blade cutout opening.
- Came pretty sharp, especially the tip.
- Clip, G10, steel liners, hardware - all are fine.
- Arrived with some glue on the G10 scales (eventualy came off).
- Steel is pretty soft (although for a karambit it's not very important).
- Has original Emerson logo on the blade.

Overall, a great knife to try the awesome Emerson Karambit design, I liked it very much.
BTW - it is possible to dull out the blade and use it as a trainer.

I bought the knife here: Emerson Super Karambit Clone
Genuine Emerson Super Karambit here: Genuine Emerson Super Karambit
Other Emerson knives here: Ernest Emerson Knives

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