Thursday, December 8, 2016

Sinkevich Do / ZT 0427 Style Titanium Flipper EDC Knife with M390 Blade - A game changer!

A new knife comes to us from Ben's knife shops - the Do, based on the same name flipper, designed by Dmitri Sinkevich.
If you think that you saw a similar design before - you may have, as it is the same knife the limited edition ZT 0427 was based on (with a few slight differences).
It features all of the things, that we love the high end Chinese knives for - Ti handles, Ti backspacer, milled Ti pocket clip, ceramic ball bearings and a steel insert on the frame. It even comes with a tool for the proprietary triangular pivot screws. 
But what is really special about this blade is the blade steel - knife user's favorite M390.
Because it comes from Ben, we know that it is a legit M390 steel, that will cut and retain the edge well.

Check out the knife here: Sinkevich Do Style

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