Friday, December 23, 2016

Newest Spyderco Clones - Lightning Strike CF Military and budget G10 Mamba style knives!

There have been a real wave of clones lately, almost every day a new model emerges, sometimes more. I suspect it has something to do with the holidays and our inner desire to buy ourselves or our loved ones something nice.
The wave didn't pass on one of the most loved companies - Spyderco Knives, and now there are 2 new models available:

1. Budget Mamba clone: a G10 version of the very interesting Brend/Pirela design, one that you won't be afraid to really use. Features liner lock and bearings in the pivot.
Genuine can be found here: Spyderco C196CFTIP Mamba

2. Lightning strike CF Military: I suspect this to be a CF+G10 Ganzo style laminate, but still this looks pretty good in the pictures. RAT 1 with the same materials can be also found in this store.
Genuine Spyderco Military here: Spyderco C36GPE Military
S110V Sprint Run here: Spyderco C36GPDBL Military

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