Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Clone Killers - Best value knives, that can compete with the Clones in the quality for the price ratio!

It's already a known fact that the Chinese clone knives hold the best value in the knife world.
I mean, just looking at the Green Thorn F95T and Hati - you can't find better value (or even remotely similar) in the genuine knife world. In that world - a ti handled flipper with ceramic double row bearings, with the same level of fit and finish can't cost less than $300. 

But some knife companies have already realized that, and are putting out knives that can compete with the clones in their home field - bang for the buck.
I would like to show you some exaples of these knives:
1. Kizer Cutlery Ki4419A1 -  Aluminium handle, S35VN blade, awesome looking design - at only $62.3.

2. Cold Steel Code 4 - Aluminium handles, Triad-lock (one of the strongest locks) and CTS-XHP blade make this a great choice for a budget friendly EDC knife.

3. CRKT Tighe Tac 2 Tanto - Ball bearings in the pivot and a great action button lock give this knife a custom feel.

4. Ontario Carter Prime (now on sale for only $69.99) - Lowest price for Ti handles, bearings and D2 blade in the genuine knife world.

If you have your suggestions - please write them down in the comments and I may add them in the second volume on this topic.

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