Friday, December 16, 2016

M390 S35VN Ti CF Tabargan 100NS Clone - Buy at your own risk!

This knife was promised by Ben a long time ago, but as it seems - it was worth the wait!
The new Shirogorov Tabargan 100NS clone comes in 2 variations (S35VN and the premium M390) and features milled Ti liners, full CF scales, real Axis lock, double row ceramic bearings in the pivot, ti pocket clip and the awesom Green Thorn fit and finish!
Don't know about you, but I like pretty much everything about this knife and definitely going to order it soon.

EDIT - As it seems, these knives are not made by Green Thorn (just branded as ones) and they have lots of quality issues, such as locktighted screws made from soft metal, that are very hard to unscrew, and lockstick on the axis.
This is a QC issue, so there are some of good quality and some have defects, so buy at your own risk.
Check out the knife here: Green Thorn Tabargan 100NS
More detailed pics here

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