Sunday, November 27, 2016

Stedemon DSM-III Liner Lock G10 EDC Flipper Knife - New worldwide distribution!

Stedemon have released a new knife - the DSM flipper!
It is very interesting not only because of it's features (standard for Stedemon - VG-10 blade, bolstered G10 scales, ball bearings in the embossed pivot and a liner lock), but also because Stedemon is now distributed not only on AliExpress (on the trusted and recommended Vespa Store) or official knife dealers in the US - but on both!
This is simply awesome, because it allows people from all over the world to enjoy free worldwide shipping on their knives and not add more money for worldwide shipping.

I hope more knife companies will follow this trend, as it allows a lot more exposure for their knives, and as it has been proved - some AliExpress stores have the capability to sell even $250+ knives.
The knife can be found here: Stedemon DSM III
Or here: Stedemon DSM III

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