Thursday, November 3, 2016

Original Design Fixed Blade Knives on AliExpress - Bolte, LW Knives and District 9!

AliExpress has a great selection of affordable fixed blade knives and brands.
I would like to show you a small selection of those.

1. Bolte Knives - Chinese knife brand, that specializes on fixed blades.
From the small and simple Scout, Sword Fish and Lion models to the premium Croc, they always give great quality and design. Their favorite materials are D2 steel blade and full tang G10 handle.

All the models can be found here:
Bolte Scout
Bolte Sword Fish
Bolte Lion
Bolte Croc

2. LW Knives - Also a Chinese brand. Recently moved into making folders with the awesome Apache ti integral. Has a great selection of models - Deep Sea Shark, Spartan and the premium Boa.
LW Knives Apache folder
LW Knives Deep Sea Shark
LW Knives Spartan
LW Knives Boa

3. District 9 Knives - Young brand that doesn't have a lot of models, but has great and smart design. Represented here by the awesome Defender 2.

District 9 Defender 2

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