Saturday, October 15, 2016

The New Fidget Cube - The next big thing after the fidget spinners?

The EDC fidget trend has really boomed up recently.
The fidget toys help us relax, relieve stress and to play with something in our hands while we think.
After the watches, the pens, the knives and the knucks (that had other purpose in addition to fidgeting), came the EDC tops (didn't really stick) and the fidget spinners, which were specifically designed for fidgeting, but had only one action to do.

Now, there is a new thing - the Fidget Cube!
It has 6 sides, each one specially designed for other kind of action, that can really supply all your hand-playing needs.
The big advantage of it is the price - few times less than the least expensive spinner.
The designers also provided quiet fidgeting options, so you won't annoy your loved ones, co-workers and classmates.
All the features are shown and explained in the Item Description section.

Check out the Fidget Cube here: 
Also can be found on Amazon:

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