Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Ganzo G302B Medium to Heavy Duty Multitool - The best budget Leatherman alternative?

When we hear the word "multitool", most of us automatically think about Leatherman, and there is a good reason for that - they are the most innovative company in the business. SOG and Gerber tried (and still try) to compete, but they don't really put up a good fight.
Leatherman tools have great quality, innovation, engineering and one of the best customer services, but lack of real competition drove their prices up and sometimes they just seem too high for a tool, that is supposed to do real work.

Not so long ago a new player entered the scene - the Ganzo Knives and Tools company. They earned their respect in the knife work with great quality and value and they took the same ethics to their tool making. The 302B is the flagship of their tool lineup and has some great features, that make it a true Leatherman competitor - all locking tools, bits and sheath as standard, spring pliers and replaceable cutters and all that with a  ~$35 price tag!
I own one, and I am very pleased with it.

Check out the Ganzo G302B Multitool on AliExpress:

And the same tool on GearBest: