Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sanrenmu WA721-A1 WA731-A1 Army Knives - Good budget alternative to SAK?

Army knives are one of the most popular folding knives out there, especially with non-knife people.
The market is pretty much owned by SAK - Victorinox Swiss Army Knives, especially since they took over Wenger.
But other companies also want a piece of that pie, one of them is Boker Plus with their tech tool. The key differences between it and the SAK is the added pocket clip, glassbreaker, G10 handles and a wider blade made from Sandvik 12C27. These knives were OEMed by Sanrenmu in China and are sold for much less under the Sanrenmu brand.

Check out Boker Plus Tech Tools here:
Sanrenmu Army Knives here:


  1. There's also some differences of the SRM and the Boker versions.
    The Boker offers rounded and smooth G10 handles with 2 clip positions (right handed tip-up+tip-down) whereas the SRM has grippy G10 with a tip-down clip but added tweezers.
    I've rounded and polished the scales on my WA-721-A which makes it nicer to use but I wish they would have put the clip at the tip-up position because the deep carry clip is biting my hand after little use.
    But the Sandvik blade is really sharp and tasted my blood at the first day ;)