Saturday, October 1, 2016

New High-End Chinese Knife Brand - Viteli Knives Top1 Titanium Flipper - CKF Style on a budget!

CKF (Custom Knife Factory) have really made an impact in the knife world.
Suddenly, original design and great quality became important and very cool, even if the knife itself was (partly) made in China.

The thing I like about the Chinese knife makers is that they really try to keep up with the trends in the knife world, they study the market through people's likes and choices, and for what they lack in originality - they compensate in great materials and quality for the money.
From these principals (just like Kevin John, MG Knives, Vespa and Green Thorn) - the Viteli knife brand was born.
This is a cocktail of different design features from different makers, that were tastefully put together to form a great looking knife. Add to this the standard high-end Chinese knife package (S35VN stonewashed blade, steel insert\overtravel stopper on the frame, milled titanium handles, ceramic ball bearings and milled Ti pocket clip) and you have a winning formula.

Check out the knife here:


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    1. Yeah, not a clone either - good option to see the level of manufacturing that the Chinese brands reached.