Sunday, October 16, 2016

LW Knives Apachi AH-64 Integral M390 Knife - New level of Chinese manufacturing!

This is a new offering from LW knives, that has been around for a while, making mostly fixed blades.
There are 2 things that are special about this one:
1. It's an integral knife - this means the handle is milled from a single piece of titanium. Because of all the waste and the craftsmanship needed to make it well, it is often considered the most premium knife handle construction. Another advantage is the lack of extra bolts and added strength to the handle.

2. This knife has a real M390 blade - which is a favorite steel for many knife collectors. Because it keeps it's edge very well, but is pretty prone to corrosion it is considered a Super Steel. This is not the first time M390 is used in a Chinese knife, but it symbolizes a trend in the Chinese knife world and my guess is we will see this steel more and more on Chinese knives.
Other than that, the knife features single row ceramic bearings, steel insert on the frame, cool grind on the horizontal satin blade, interesting finish on the handle and custom pivot screw (comes with the designated key).

Check out LW Knives Apachi AH-64 knife here:

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