Sunday, October 9, 2016

Kevin John Venom New Concept Knife - Same great KJ quality, with a new and exciting design!

Kevin John is, for quite some time, a symbol of quality, craftsmanship and quality control in the knife world. The expression "Triumph  Precision" is rightfully a part of the name of their company.
They made a name for themselves by making very high end clones, some on the same level as the originals, some are now being sold for more than the originals, because of their rarity.  But they soon turned to making their own designs and released the Venom series - Venom 1, 2 and Attacker. 

Now comes a new knife in the same series of Venoms - the New Concept. This one has all of the great features, that we learned to love about KJ knives - milled Ti handles, great grind on the S35VN blade and smooth ball bearings, but also some new ones - hand-rubbed horizontal satin on the blade, ceramic ball pocket clip and the lock stabilizer system (similar to the one on Carson Exorcist), which make the new knife extremely valuable and interesting.

Check out the new Kevin John Venom New Concept here:

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