Saturday, September 3, 2016

New and back in stock knives on AliExpress (Extrema Ratio, Cold Steel, Brous Blades, Microtech, Lionsteel, District 9, A Dai, CKF, Assimetric Clones) - Check them out!

There are some new and back in stock folders and fixed blades, that I think are interesting and that you would like to know about, so I decided to post them in one article, just links and pictures.
The specifications of these knives are available in the description section of each lot.

If you have any questions about those and would like to know more about these knives - please post in the comment section and I will answer.

The knives:
Cold Steel:
Voyager XL Clone:

Spartan Clone:

SRK Clone:

Extrema Ratio:
RAO Folder/Fixed Blade Clone:

Dobermann IV Clone:

A Dai 0999:

CKF Assimetric Fixed Blade:

Assimetric CF Folder:

Assimetric Budget Folder:

Lionsteel Ti Spine Integral with M390:

District 9 Fixed Blade:

Microtech DOC:

Brous Blades T4:

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