Saturday, September 3, 2016

Microtech Style Automatic OTF Single/Double Action (HALO V IV, Nemesis, Ultratech, Scarab) Clone Knives - Where to buy?

People often ask me - where can I buy good quality OTF (Out-The-Front) automatic knife?
Only one place immediately comes to mind - China High End EDC store.
They sold entirely on AliExpress, but had to move to DHGate because of the Ali new knife laws, that prohibit automatic knives and all locking knives (that is why framelocks and other locks are often photoshopped in the sellers pics).

This store has a great selection of OTF and other knives, give great communication and service as is the quality of their knives.
OTF brands being sold in the store: BAT Knives, Vespa Knives, Common Lancehead.
They also have a store on AliExpress, but do not sell auto knives there.

China High End EDC on DHGate:
Their store on AliExpress:

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