Monday, October 3, 2016

Microtech Star Lord Flipper Style Knife - Titanium Frame-Lock Flipper, Daido D2 Steel + Keys for screws with every order!

Another great knife from Ben's shop - the Microtech Star Lord Clone.
People who own it, report that the quality of craftsmanship, fit and finish is on par with some of the best (including Kevin John). Along with the excellent Daido (Japanese) D2 steel, this just might be the next hall-of-famer.
The best part of it - you will get the key for the proprietary screws with very purchase, so you cold take yous apart, clean it and tweak it, and not have to buy original keys from Microtech almost at the price of this whole knife! Come on Microtech, can't you include a set of keys for 1625$?!

Anyway - the knife can be found here:

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