Monday, August 22, 2016

TRE Style Full Ti with Sculptured Anodized Clip, 3 Customizable Opening Methods - one of the best EDC knives for the money!

New at Ben's - one of the best EDC knives is now back in stock!
It features a fluted full Ti handle, bearings and a sculptured anodized Ti pocket clip.
What is very special about this one are 3 customizable opening methods - it can be opened with a detachable flipper tab, detachable thumb plate, 2 hands only (for legal carry) or the 3 of them altogether!
The knife will come with a set of keys for disassemble and attaching the flipper and the thumb plate.  

*Please notice - although it seems this knife has no lock - it is photoshopped to follow AliExpress knife laws. This knife has a fully functioning framelock with steel insert.

Can be found here: 
If you are looking for the CF version - it can be found here:

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