Wednesday, August 24, 2016

BM 761 Style EDC Knife - Titanium handles, bearings, sculpted Ti clip - Awesome budget alternative to a Sebenza?

I believe, every knife collector comes to a point, where he feels like he needs to get a Sebenza.
Then, doesn't matter if  he buys one or not - he will try to search for an alternative to really use, because who uses a 400$+ knife, that is easily scratched?!
I would like to present to you a good budget alternative, that you can really use and not feel sorry afterwards. 
This knife is based on the 761 model, but has no logo, so can't be considered a fake.
I exceeds the Sebenza in one point - it is much more fun to flick out, due to the ball bearings in the pivot. Also it has a very sophisticated system to prevent blade play.
If you look for sub 60$ titanium user - this one is for you!

Can be found here:

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