Sunday, July 10, 2016

Titanium Knife Lanyard Beads - Customize your EDC gear in a simple way with this beautiful addition!

Titanium beads are a simple and affordable way to customize your knives and other gear, to make it look even more beautiful and unique.
There are a lot of beads on the market today, I want to present to you affordable and good quality options from the best stores of AliExpress.


Titanium stores:
1. Titanium Pro: Has great selection of titanium beads, most are anodized and in a tube shape.
Link to the store:

2. RockBros: One of the leading stores in titanium gear. Have consistent quality and great customer service and communication. 
Link to the store:

3. EDC Gear Tool: One of my favorite stores on AliExpress. Great customer service, and awesome selection of EDC products, from low cost knives to survival gear. Has a good selection of titanium beads.
Link to the store:

4. Outdoor titanium: Has good selection of titanium beads in unique shapes and sizes. Also has lots of other titanium EDC gear.
Link to the store:

Titaner Beads:
Strider Titanium Bead:

Hope this post will help someone to buy the bead they wanted.

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