Friday, June 3, 2016

Counter Strike Global Offensive CS GO Knives from China Guide - try your favorite knives in real life!

I've made a list of CS GO knives (and similar ones), that are currently produced and available from China. 

Please check the item description tab on the seller's page for more information.

The list:

1. Karambit Knife: 

The most popular knife now produced.
Has pretty good quality for the price, simple steel, plastic handle and a neck sheath with a cord.
The biggest advantages of this knife are the price and a very comfortable grip, based on Honshu design,
Can be bought here from a trusted seller with good variety of color options:

Or here: Link

If you want a better quality kerambit knife - there is also an option of Cold Steel Steel Tiger Style knife:  Link

 2. Butterfly knife: 

Pretty new item on AliExpress.
In order to order the sharp version - please leave a note to the seller that you want the sharp blade version.
Can be bought here: 

3. Flip Knife:

The flip knife is based on the Benchmade Bedlam model which costs 200+$ on most sites.
A good alternative would be a Ganzo G712, which is also based on the Bedlam, and has basic similar shape and very decent quality for the money.
Can be bought from Amazon here: 
Or even cheaper on 

4. Huntsman Knife:

The Huntsman is based on a MTech Xtreme knife.
If you would like a good (in my opinion even better) alternative from China you can choose from these 2 options from HX Outdoors company: 
Link   Link2
Or even cheaper from Gearbest: Link

5. Falcion knife: 

This one is based on a Cold Steel Espada knife (haven't been copied yet by the Chinese).

Can be bought here: 

6. Bayonete:

Is based on the Smith&Wesson Bayonet knife.
Bayonets can be bought here: 

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