Thursday, June 23, 2016

Affordable Materials And Tools For Knife Making/Knife Modding/Knife Pimping from AliExpress Guide

I've made a list of affordable materials and tools for knife making, that can be found on AliExpress.
The advantages of buying these from Ali are free worldwide shipping, good quality and variety, and of course best prices.
If the page is in Russian (it can happen) - just add the item to your Wish List, click on "Go to Global Site" and click on Wish list, it will be there :)
I will update this guide as I find more materials, so follow me to keep updated.

I hope this will be helpful for some of you.

Double Row Ceramic ball bearings:
Double Row Ceramic ball bearings:
Steel Bearing Washers (to put between handle and bearing):

Wood for handles:

Striped G10:
Kydex Sheets:
Cowbone for inlays: 1-  2-

Micarta: 1. 2.
Cocobolo Wood:

Mask with air filters: Steel wool:
CNC Large Machine:

CNC Small Machine:


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