Friday, January 10, 2020

Adimanti - New knife by Ganzo Firebird have finally reached the stores (AliExpress, Amazon, Gearbest)

Adimanti - the newest Ganzo Firebird model have finally reached the various platforms.
It apparently was designed by a somewhat famous Ukrainian YouTuber - Skimen Ruslan, who publishes knife reviews and knife repair videos among other content.

The features of the Adimanti are D2 blade steel (although "China D2" have been a joke for some time now, independent tests showed Ganzo's D2 is the real deal chemically plus had been properly heat treated and matches the published  ~60 HRC (hmmm Benchmade)), G10 handle in 4 colors (including the new purple color) as well as a laminated Carbon Fiber version.
The flipping action is made fast and smooth by bearings and it also has a deep carry pocket clip which is attached to the handle using a glass breaker screw.
The biggest question about the new model is the material of the frame side which also has the (frame) lock cut out of it.
It's definitely metallic but the insert screw and the low overall weight of the knife indicate it might be made out of titanium rather than the heavier stainless steel.

Overall from the first glance the Adimanti looks pretty different from other recent Ganzo models such as the FH series and might be worth a look if you like the looks and the concept of the new model.

Ganzo Firebird Adimanti is available here:
- AliExpress:

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