Saturday, December 8, 2018

New models from Ganzo Firebird: Ganzo FH21 and FH31!

Just a short update about the newest models that have been announced by the Chinese company.

First of all they'll be making a silver (non blackwash version of the FH13 I wrote about a while back).
The new version will be called the FH12 and have all the same parameters of the black one.

Now to the 2 totally new designs:

The first is the Ganzo FH31:

Overall length:19.8cm
Blade length:8.6cm
Blade thickness:0.3cm
Blade material:D2
Blade hardness:+-60HRC
Handle material:G10 or Carbon fiber
Net weight:113G
Colors: Black, Green, CF Laminate

And the other one is the Ganzo Firebird FH21:


Overall length:19.7cm
Blade length:8.6cm
Blade thickness:0.35cm
Blade material:D2
Blade hardness:+-60HRC
Handle material:G10
Net weight:96.5G

Colors: Black, Green, Grey.

Reminds me a lot of the relatively new knife called the Fat Dragon Dead Silence.
Wonder if they got the permission to use the design or just "Ganzoed" it like they know.

How do you like the new models?
BTW - I will update when they will become available for purchase so please follow me on the social channels (could be found in the first post on the blog). 

Hope it has been interesting.

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