Sunday, April 30, 2017

New and Back in Stock Ganzo Knives on GearBest - F753M1CF and G8012 Fixed Blade!

Just a short update on new knives that popped up on GB.

First is a new (but kind of expected) version of one of the most interesting knives from Ganzo in recent time - the F753M1 - the F753M1 CF!
The new version kept the same standoff construction, but now comes with Ganzo Carbon Fiber + G10 laminate scales, which is always a great option.

Check it out here: Ganzo F753M1CF

Also, check out Ganzo Knives on Amazon for faster US shipping: Ganzo Knives

Second is a model that was out of stock for some time, but is now making a big comeback - the Ganzo G8012 fixed blade (now seems to come with additional color options).
It features great all-around sheath with a sharpener, fire stone and a rope cutter built into it.

Check out this fixed blade here: Ganzo G8012

Or here: Ganzo G8012
As a bonus-  one more item on GB, that doesn't come from Ganzo, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did - a modular folding survival shovel, that could be great to take on a field trip, as it features a knife, saw, firesteel, hammer and more cool features in addition to the shovel itself.

Check out the shovel here:
Folding Shovel

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