Saturday, January 21, 2017

Atech Reviews EDC Giveaway - Ganzo G7533 Knife, A Fidget Spinner, TrustFire flashlight and a Notepad!

Recently I've reached 4000 followers on IG and 150000 entries on my blog, so I've decided to do a #giveaway.
The prizes are:
1. Ganzo G7533 Knife.

2. A Fidget Spinner.
3. TrustFire 5 mode AAA flashlight (including the 10440 battery).
4. All weather notepad.
The rules are pretty simple - there are 2 ways to enter:
1. Follow me on IG - - like and repost the gaw photo with tag #atechEDCgaw.
2. Be a subscriber to my YouTube channel -, like and leave one comment under the gaw video.
- You can do both and increase your chance of winning!
- One entry per person on each of the ways.
- 100 entries minimum, so lets make it happen - tag your friends. Shares and shoutouts are also welcome!
- No dedicated GAW accounts!
- Winner must be 18 years old or have consent paper from parents.
- I will draw 2 people (one from IG and one on YouTube via random generator and do a final by a coin toss on the 1st of March 2017.
Good #luck!


  1. Very cool GAW. I'm in here too. Thanks, Mr. GeerBear

    1. Thank you GeerBear!
      Always nice to see you around!