Thursday, January 19, 2017

Lionsteel KUR Clone EDC Flipper Knife - Awesome EDC blade with 4 G10 color options!

A great new offering from the Chinese clonemakers  - the Lionsteel KUR clone.
While they (still) didn't make a copy of the color-changing aluminum handle, they did produce the more budget 4 color G10 alternative, which will give you  taste of the great Lionsteel design.
The knife features a liner-lock, ball bearings in the pivot, a flipper tab as the primary deployment method, mystery steel on the blade (probably 9Cr18) and a deep carry wire clip.
At the price point of ~$40 this could serve as an awesome budget EDC blade.
Knife can be found here: Lionsteel KUR Clone
Original is sold here: Genuine Lionsteel KUR
More Lionsteel knives can be found here: Lionsteel Knives


  1. Any idea on the steel? These are really appealing but I can't find anything about the blade steel anywhere.