Thursday, January 26, 2017

Are Kevin John Knives now sold under the CKF Brand? The Venom New Concept Knife!

Just a quick piece of fresh Chinese Knife news:
Earlier I wrote an article about how CKF knives were produced in China by the Kevin John factory (which has exceptional quality and QC BTW). Some people were skeptical about this fact and didn't believe it was the truth. 
Now we got another proof of the CKF-Kevin John relationship in a form of a knife that is now being sold as a CKF knife, but with the same markings and under the same name - The Venom New Concept. 
It is identical in every single way - they didn't even change the name or the marking on the blade!
This have already happen before with the CKF Daboia (Kevin John's Venom 2).
To those, who might say that Kevin John stole the design and produced it before CKF, I could prove, that it is not the case and that the Kevin John knife appeared much earlier.
It is interesting if this process will continue, and we will see more of Kevin Johns knives on the US market (they have an integral Venom knife in production, I'll update on that later).

You are welcome to check out the knives and draw conclusions:

The new CKF Knife: CKF Venom New Concept Knife
The one from Kevin John: Kevin John's Venom New Concept  
(The fuller in the blade is edited to comply with AliExpress knife laws).

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