Sunday, December 18, 2016

Borka Blades Stitch Style Knife made by Samier Knives - Another big hit cloned!

After Rad Knives Field Cleaver clone, here comes another gem of the knife world - the Borka Blades Stitch Clone!
The original knife has an awesome design, great ergos and build, but also has a very heavy price tag - to own one of those, you will have to part with at least $2000.
This made it a very big target for clone knife makers, and Samier was the first to react.
The clone features ti handle, a framelock, listed S35VN steel, bearings in the pivot and a milled ti pocket clip.
It comes in 2 variations:
1. Rock pattern ricasso
2. Plain ricasso

Check it out here: Samier AliExpress Store

Also check out genuine Borka designs here: Borka Design
Or here: Borka Design

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