Best Chinese Knives: New Ganzo G750 G7501 and G749 G7492 - Original design with unique features!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

New Ganzo G750 G7501 and G749 G7492 - Original design with unique features!

Ganzo's are really hot right now.
The China-based company have managed to put out a lot of models in this year, while keeping the quality and QC on a pretty high level and even improving them on some models and with that leave the price at a sub-$20 level.
This is why Ganzo knives are appreciated all over the world by almost all knife lovers, not only Chinese knife admirers.
Today I would like to present 2 more offerings from this company, which show the 2 model directions that this company is heading to:

1. Ganzo G750 G7501 - This folder is a more traditional Ganzo folder with features like the "Axis lock", anodized thumb studs, washers and G10 handles and backspacer. The new feature in this knife are the glowing stripes on the sides, which make it visible and easier to find in the dark. 
Ganzo G7503 CF version is also available.

2. Ganzo G749 G7492 - A new direction for Ganzo are the flippers with ball bearings in the pivot. This is the successor of the popular G752 model. This line is also featured with the bolster lock - framelock with G10 overlay and with a deep carry pocket clip.

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  1. Never thought knives would look this good too. Ganzo is really moving forward in the right direction by bringing out the right type of model. And with that price, they are really unbeatable!