Sunday, October 23, 2016

New Knives at Ben's Shop - District 9 Razor, Sidis Parrot and MG Fixed blade!

Ben's Knife Shop (former Dicoria Knives) is one of the best places on AliExpress to buy knives.
He has great stock, is reliable and gives great service.

Here is a selection of new items from his shop:

1. District 9 Titanium Integral Razor:
Very cool EDC item, uses interchangeable OLFA CKB-2 steel Kiridashi style blades, which are also available to purchase in the store. Has wire pocket clip and only ~2.5 oz of weight.
Can be found here:

2. Sidis Parrot style knife:
Nice small dog-tag style flipper knife, designed by Sidis (Dmitry Sinkevich).
Can be found here:

3. MG Arctic Fox Fixed Blade:
Small EDC fixed blade from MG Knives. Comes with a Kydex sheath and made from N690 steel.
Can be found here:

Other honorable mentions from Ben's Shop:
Carson Boiling Flipper/Real Steel Megalodon:

MG Knives on AliExpress: 


  1. I really like that District 9 cutter, but seriously $83?
    I mean, it's integral but $83?
    For that price you get a nice folder with a D2 blade on ball bearings and an anodized handle if you like it.
    I guess for ~$40 I'd think about it, till then my modded Olfa Craft Knife L must do the job.

    1. The price is determined by the supply and demand, if none will buy this knife, it'll go down for sure.