Sunday, September 11, 2016

New Lochsa Style Aluminium Integral from Wild Boar Knives - Mastering new knife making technologies!

Integral knives are not easy to make. Not only you have to mill it from a single piece of material (aluminium or titanium), but the slightest error can cost you to dump it and start over.

I'm happy to see, that Wild Boar knives have mastered the technique, and are producing their second aluminium integral (after the Anax). They chose to make it in the style of Scott Cook's great design - the Lochsa. The differences are of course in the material (original Lochsa has milled titanium handle), but also in the pivot - bearings on the clone instead of washers on the original, and will come in 3 color anodization choice - grey, black and red.

My guess is we'll see a lot more integral knives coming out of China in the recent future.

Check out the Lochsa here:

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